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New Feature
April 2, 2024

New NGPF ready-to-teach lessons available

Pear Deck

Pear Deck and Next Gen Personal Finance have joined forces to help students learn real-world skills with top-notch lessons, now available in the Content Orchard.

NGPF’s entire Semester Course, its flagship course, is now available through Pear Deck. It joins the NGPF Middle School Course, released on Pear Deck last spring. By integrating Pear Deck’s interactive presentation platform with NGPF’s comprehensive curriculum, these lessons transform the learning experience, making complex financial topics accessible and engaging.

From understanding the basics of savings accounts to mastering strategies for wise credit card use, each lesson is crafted to address key aspects of personal finance. Whether it's delving into the fundamentals of loans, exploring the importance of investing for retirement, or demystifying the complexities of mortgages and insurance, these lessons cover a wide spectrum of financial topics relevant to students' lives.

Read more about Pear Deck's partnership with NGPF here.