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Welcome! With a little bit of practice, you’ll be a pro in no time. You’ve mastered the basics, and in Pear Deck 201, you’ll brush up on specific skills, practice with the teacher dashboard, add audio for asynchronous teaching, and learn more about Student-Paced Mode. Time to level up! You can pick your own path below.

Just as there’s no one way to build a lesson, there’s no one way to approach our 301 training. You’re ready for this! Start building upon your strong technical foundation with our menu of video trainings, Student-Paced decks, and blog posts below.  Please interact with at least three of the resources below, and let us know what you’ve learned in your Final Exam. Happy learning!

Note: Some of these modules were contributed by Pear Deck Certified Coaches and expert community members. Those modules are noted below their title.

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Polish up skills with our quick tip videos

Ready to move on? Put your new skills to the test by working through this Student-Paced Deck. When you’re done, be sure to take the final exam, and earn your certificate of completion!

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Final Exam

Don’t forget to show your work! Take the final exam to earn your certificate of completion.

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Extra Credit

Feeling good about 201? We are, too! Here are a few more resources for you to add to your toolbox, or your bookmarks bar, to keep Pear Deck at your fingertips:


We'll cover the basics of creating and presenting, best practices for leading discussions and engaging students, and how to use Pear Deck features to facilitate synchronous and asynchronous lessons.

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base is a treasure trove: learn more about getting started, discover the cool things you can do with Pear Deck in the classroom, and find answers to commonly asked questions.

Pear Deck Achievements

Great teaching is its own reward, but it’s nice to get some recognition for your hard work. Get started creating and presenting to unlock these cool (and very cute) Pear Deck badges!

Pear Deck Templates

All of your favorite templates in one place! Beautiful, ready to use, but fully editable and adaptable, they're ready to be mixed, matched, and dropped into any of your lessons, new or existing.

Become an Inspearational Educator

Whether you’re an excited beginner or a seasoned Pear Deck pro, the Inspearational Educator badge is a great way to show off your Pear Deck skills for your colleagues, school leaders and your PLN to see!

Pear deck Regional Coaches

Interested in deepening your practice and honing your skills? This program assembles small groups of passionate educators who regularly model best Pear Deck practices to engage students and colleagues.

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