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Level up with training!

From webinars to custom professional development sessions, there are lots of ways to learn about Pear Deck and our team of educators is here to help! Whether you’re an administrator or a classroom teacher, our pre-recorded webinars can help you get started.


1 hr | Beginner

Designed for beginners, this webinar moves at a pace that allows you to follow along in lock-step as we build slides and start a live Pear Deck presentation. Join us if you’re new to Pear Deck or if you’d like a review of how to create interactive presentations.

Watch the Introduction to Pear Deck for Google Slides webinar!


1 hr | Intermediate

Everything you need to know about Pear Deck at a faster pace than the Basic Introduction session. Very much like the former Pear Deck 101 webinar, this webinar will teach you how to create slides, present lessons in Instructor and Student Paced modes, give formative assessments, evaluate responses, embed websites and videos, publish responses, and more. This comprehensive session is for those who already have some familiarity with Pear Deck, and/or are comfortable with digital learning tools. We’ll also save time for your Q&A!

Watch the Pear Deck for Google Slides: Accelerated webinar!

PEAR DECK FOR PowerPoint Online

1 hr | Beginner

Discover the amazing tools at your fingertips with Microsoft for Education and Pear Deck. This course will teach you everything you need to know about creating interactive slides and presenting with Pear Deck for PowerPoint Online. We'll also save time for your Q&A!

Watch the Pear Deck for Powerpoint Online webinar!

Set your sights on a milestone

Earn a Pear Deck Achievement

We're amazed by your dedication to delivering powerful learning moments and growing as educator, and we to want to celebrate that! After joining a Pear Deck webinar, we’ll send you a Lifelong Learner Badge. When an achievement is unlocked, the full-color badge will come directly to your inbox! There are tons of Pear Deck achievements to earn — make a goal to collect them all!

Alternative learning options

Can't join a live session?

Schedule a Pear Deck workshop

Conducted by Pear Deck team members or one of our trained coaches, these customized workshops can help departments, schools, and districts maximize the usage and efficacy of Pear Deck! Depending on the length of the session and number of attendees, additional costs may apply.

Schedule a Workshop


The same great content from our live Webinars, but at your own pace. Learn how to create Decks using the Google Slides Add-on and PowerPoint Online Add-in, use templates to add formative assessments, and see best practice examples to help cultivate an engaging classroom with Pear Deck.

Watch Pear Deck 101 Pre-Recorded Webinar Here

Looking for more resources? Check out the Knowledge Base to browse our library of help articles or our collection of Help Videos.