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Help Videos

Getting started with any new tool can feel overwhelming, but don’t worry! Pear Deck was designed by educators to be simple, fast, and fun to use. Watch these Quick Tip videos, and you’ll be up and running before you know it. Keep scrolling for videos for Microsoft Schools! You can also access our introductory webinars and more training resources here!

Google Schools

Set up your account and tour your Pear Deck home

Make a Pear Deck from scratch

Add Pear Deck questions to an existing presentation

How to present a Pear Deck

Managing student responses

How to use the Teacher Dashboard as a remote control

Microsoft Schools

How to use the Slide Library

What is Student-Paced Mode?

Capture teachable moments with questions on the fly

Pear Deck for Microsoft Teams

Inviting Students to Join your session

Launch sessions quickly with Pear Deck Pop-up Activities