Getting started with any new tool can feel overwhelming, but don’t worry! Pear Deck was designed by educators to be simple, fast, and fun to use. Watch these quick-start videos, and you’ll be up and running before you know it.

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set up your account and tour your pear deck home

In this Quick Tip video, learn how to set up your Pear Deck account and discover resources available from the home screen.


make a pear deck
from scratch

Just getting started with Pear Deck? In this Quick Tip video, learn how to create a new Pear Deck lesson using the Pear Deck Add-on for Google Slides.


add pear deck questions to an existing presentation

Have a lesson ready to go, but know it would be better with Pear Deck magic? In this Quick Tip video, learn how to quickly add interactivity and formative assessments to your existing Google Slides lessons.


how to present
a pear deck


student responses


how to use the teacher dashboard as a remote control

Your lesson is ready to go, now let's get those students engaged! From launching your presentation on the Projector to getting students to join your session, here's a quick overview on how to present with Pear Deck.
Pear Deck gives you multiple ways to manage student responses. Share them with the class, highlight standout answers or misconceptions, time and lock responses, and hide inappropriate responses-all in real-time.
The Pear Deck Teacher Dashboard gives you superpowers! Did you know you can launch your Dashboard from your phone or tablet? Once you know, you're free to roam the class while keeping the lesson moving and students on task. *Note: Teacher Dashboard is a Premium Feature


how to use
the slide library

Our team of educators created the Formative Assessment Templates in our Slide Library. These pre-made templates are organized to support student engagement from bell ringers to exit tickets. Here's a quick overview of how to use them.


what is
student-paced mode?

Pear Deck is often used to engage students in a lesson in real time. But you can also give a Pear Deck lesson to a student who missed class, flip your lesson, differentiate or scaffold instruction during class, and more! Note: Student-Paced Mode is free for all users


how to give students personalized notes docs

A Pear Deck Takeaway is a notes document for your students. After you finish presenting your Pear Deck lesson, you can choose to publish Takeaways for each student in the Session. Doing so creates a Google Doc in the student's Drive with slides from the lesson and their answers!


capture teachable moments with questions on the fly

Add new questions to your Pear Deck presentation on the fly! This helps you extend the discussion when a great question comes up, check in with students, or ask the same question again to collect new responses.