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April 25, 2023

Your Pear Deck Home Base Has a New Look

Did you see? Your Pear Deck home base has a a new look! We’ve made it easier than ever for you to access the tools you need for every powerful learning moment in your classroom — in one simple space. 

The updated interface of your homepage features two new areas, one for Instructional Tools like the Content Orchard, and one for Practice Tools, like Flashcard Factory. Plus, now you can access Pear Practice (formerly, Giant Steps), a fun and exciting way to turn practice into play, right from the Practice Tools.

With these updates, it’s easier than ever to adjust instruction in the moment to engage students and reinforce learning. Let’s take a closer look:

Access instructional tools for the classroom 

In Pear Deck's redesigned interface, you can now access lesson creation tools, your Session History, and the Pear Deck Content Orchard (Google users only) from the Instructional Tools section in the center and the sidebar on the left. In the Content Orchard, choose from our ever-growing collection of templates, quick-start activities, and ready-to-teach lessons covering a wide range of subjects and topics, from culture to personal finance.

A screenshot of the new Pear Deck home

Turn homework into high fives

The new Pear Deck home space gives you instant access to Pear Practice, a gamified digital learning experience designed for student collaboration and independent practice. This seamless integration, available in the Practice Tools section, helps you turn practice into play with an engaging game format and a content library packed with high-quality, standards-aligned Practice Sets created by educators.

A screenshot of Pear Deck Launchpad

Use practice tools to reinforce learning

In addition to Giant Steps, Google users can access Flashcard Factory, a collaborative vocabulary game that lets students create and share their own flashcards, in the Practice Tools section. Flashcard Factory is a fun and engaging way for students to reinforce key concepts and terms. Students can customize their flashcards and collaborate to illustrate and define terms, making learning vocabulary an active and social experience.

A peary with a mustache and a construction hat stands next to the words Flashcard Factory

Take a peek at the redesigned Pear Deck homepage and explore your new hub for effective instruction and engaging practice!

Not a Pear Deck user, but ready to try Pear Deck's instructional and practice tools for yourself? New users can sign up for a free 90-day Teacher Premium trial today!


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