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August 1, 2022

Why Consider a Career as an Online Tutor?

Why consider a career as an online tutor?

Becoming an online tutor for Pear Deck Tutor (formerly, TutorMe) is the perfect career opportunity to share your gift of knowledge with others. Whether you're interested in tutoring part-time or full-time, here are five very compelling reasons why you should consider a career as an online tutor.

1. Make a real difference in students' lives

Online tutors can have a tangible positive impact on students' lives. Helping someone reach a deeper understanding of subjects they struggle with can help them excel in their academic life. It's not just about getting better grades, though.

Online tutoring boosts students' confidence in their own abilities. When they can master something that they previously struggled with, they can feel more confident in the classroom, in their home, and among their peers.

You can be a real motivator, keeping students on the right track, helping them to succeed in their studies, and giving them tools they need for a better future. All these things make a difference in the students' current lives and have the potential to make a difference in their future careers and personal lives.

At the end of the day, you can feel proud of yourself for performing a job that really matters in this world.

2. Earn a steady income

Pear Deck Tutor serves over a million students, giving you access to many online tutoring opportunities to earn reliable income.

Whether you need an extra income stream or you're saving with a goal in mind, online tutoring is a great way to get the money you need. It's definitely possible to tutor full-time through Pear Deck Tutor, so you can make a career out of helping students learn and grow in their studies.

Instead of waiting weeks for a paycheck, tutors on Pear Deck Tutor get paid weekly. We do the work of finding students who need your area of expertise. You don't have to advertise or market yourself—all you have to do is log into Pear Deck Tutor, and search through the students requesting help in your areas of expertise.

3. Work wherever, whenever, and however much you want

Pear Deck Tutor is 100% online, which means you can work from home or anywhere with access to a computer and the internet. That means you don't have to commute to an in-person tutoring facility, which saves you the time and cost associated with transportation.

Furthermore, Pear Deck Tutor is a 24/7 online tutoring service, giving you tons of flexibility in scheduling. You set your own schedule and tutor as often or little as you'd like!

This type of online work is perfect for:

  • college students
  • working professionals who want a side hustle
  • stay-at-home parents
  • anyone who is homebound
  • full-time tutors who love the opportunity to work from home

The way Pear Deck Tutor operates is different from some other online tutoring platforms. Our tutoring is on-demand, which means you don't have to schedule sessions in advance with your students. This flexibility is ideal for tutors with extra busy or constantly-changing schedules.

Even though we offer on-demand tutoring, you can still schedule sessions in advance with students at a mutually convenient time. Whichever option you choose, Pear Deck Tutor lets you set your own working schedule to best fit your lifestyle.

4. Get access to the latest learning tech

As a Pear Deck Tutor online tutor, you get full access to a suite of powerful learning tools in our award-winning Lesson Space.

These tools include a virtual whiteboard with easy-to-use drawing tools. Having a collaborative whiteboard at your disposal makes your job a lot easier. You won't have to rely solely on the video, audio, or text chat to break down concepts. It's also great for writing out math equations.

The text editor allows you to type certain things, such as assignments, goals, or key points. Your students can also use the text editor, giving you another effective method of communication and collaboration.

Screen sharing is an important learning tool that makes sharing vital learning resources efficient and easy. If your student wrote a paper in a word processor, they can effortlessly share it with you via screen sharing without reading it aloud.

Additionally, the Lesson Space offers a code editor to accommodate the academic needs of students taking courses such as advanced computer programming.  

Whatever areas you provide support in, our interactive technology makes it easier for you and your student to collaborate and communicate with each other. With so many innovative learning tools available, you can make any subject matter interesting and engaging.

5. Build essential skills

Online tutoring is not just beneficial for students. It gives you a unique chance to hone your own skills. Online tutors develop essential skills such as:

  • Time management
  • Better listening
  • Patience
  • Empathy
  • Communication
  • Leadership

These skills and more will benefit you in future tutoring sessions, other job opportunities, and even your personal life.

As you help students learn and achieve their goals, you're immersing yourself in your chosen subject matter, working through it in different ways to make it more approachable for your students. You may learn new things as you and your students work together!

Pear Deck Tutor is the perfect place for students and tutors to grow academically, socially, and personally.

Apply now to be an online tutor on Pear Deck Tutor

An online tutoring career is a wonderful opportunity to grow your skills, earn steady income, and make a positive difference in students' lives.

Thanks to Pear Deck Tutor's unique 24/7 online platform featuring the latest learning tech, you can tutor at home whenever works best for your schedule.

Make your next big move—apply now to join our thriving community of exceptional online tutors!


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