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October 11, 2021

Same Question, Different Numbers: Creating Dynamic Questions in Pear Assessment

Give students a problem to solve, but make it look different for each individual! Sounds too good to be true? With dynamic parameters it's possible! Tune in to learn how to set up your questions so the numbers look different for each student. This helps vary the questions and eliminates the chance of cheating. That's right, two perks in one!

You'll learn how to use dynamic parameters to simplify the process of giving a unique math question to each student. You will learn how to establish parameters, set up evaluation, and check to ensure students are seeing the dynamic questions properly.

There's no one better to lead this presentation than the architect of Pear Assessment's (formerly Edulastic) math questions himself, Dr. Lawrence Chernin, Senior Director of Data Science at Pear Assessment.

Excited to learn more about this great feature?

Read through this Help Center article to jump right in!


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