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January 3, 2022

Pear Assessment 101: Get Started with Digital Assessment

Tune in for a walkthrough of Pear Assessment (formerly Edulastic) Teacher Premium accounts with Pear Assessment 101: Get Started with Digital Assessments!

You'll learn more ways to guide your instruction, support student learning, and you'll walk away feeling confident about the tools at your fingertips as you gear up this year. Whether you are brand new to your Teacher Premium account, or want a refresher on how to use it with your students, this Pear Assessment Teacher Premium 101 training session is for you.

The Pear Assessment Teacher Premium walkthrough covers:

  • Setting up your Pear Assessment account
  • Using premium features for delivering assessment
  • Anti-Cheat and Accessibility tools
  • Advanced reports and data visualizations
  • And more!

Pear Assessment Teacher Premium 101

Are you headed into the classroom or remote this year? Either way, you'll be prepared for anything with a Teacher Premium account in your toolkit.

In this training, you'll discover how Teacher Premium Accounts include everything in the free Teacher version plus so much more! From read-aloud to anti-cheating assessment options, you'll be able to customize and deliver your assessments exactly to your liking. With rubric scoring, express grader, and the grade book, you'll have the tools to manage grading and review student results quickly. Features such as playlists, flexible student grouping, and state-specific test players will help you get organized for the year, differentiate learning, and guide students in a way that will help them master learning standards and feel confident on state testing day.

Upgrade to Premium

Ready to upgrade your Pear Assessment account? Make your way over to the subscription section of your Pear Assessment account to upgrade now.

To learn more about the different subscription options, scroll down on the Pear Assessment subscriptions page for a comparative check-list view of Premium offerings.


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