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February 2, 2024

Maximizing Engagement During Direct Instruction with Pear Deck

In a world full of new edtech tools and tips where teachers continuously seek innovative strategies to boost student engagement and refine instructional methods, Pear Deck continues to be a transformative force.

In an informative webinar hosted by Loyola Marymount University’s iDEAL Institute, Megan Ian, a K-8 STEM lab instructor, shared her enlightening journey with Pear Deck.

Creating an interactive learning environment with Pear Deck 

Megan, known for her multifaceted role as an educator and tech problem-solver at her school, initially turned to Pear Deck during the challenging shift to online learning. Her story is a testament to the platform's ability to seamlessly integrate with traditional teaching tools like Google Slides and PowerPoint, transforming them into interactive learning experiences.

“We have to help our students get as much out of the lesson as possible, how do we do that? Pear Deck. I get so much information in my Live Session with my students. I learn so much more about where they are and I can tailor my lesson to my students and maximize their learning.”

Pear Deck stands out for its interactive student features, allowing Megan to dynamically adjust her teaching based on immediate student responses to check for understanding. This has been crucial in maintaining student attention and participation, especially in a digital learning environment.

The platform's versatility shines through its adaptability for various educational levels and subjects, from kindergarten to junior high. Megan's use of Pear Deck spans language arts to STEM, showcasing its wide applicability.

Megan’s story showcases Pear Deck as a vital educational tool. By enhancing student engagement and providing a suite of teaching aids, Pear Deck proves indispensable in adapting to the evolving education landscape. Her insights underscore the pivotal role of such technologies in making learning enjoyable and effective.


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