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NC EOG Practice Test

Prep for North Carolina EOG Tests with Virtual Practice Exams

With the end of the school year in North Carolina comes End-of-Grade (EOG) and End-of-Course (EOC) tests for students.

This is where virtual practice tests come in. Whether your students are prepping for North Carolina EOG or EOC tests, virtual practice tests will help them learn and hone the virtual test-taking skills they need to do well on the exams.

Here’s what you need to know about North Carolina EOG and EOC tests (and how to best prepare your students).

What Are North Carolina EOG Tests?

North Carolina’s End-of-Grade (EOG) and End-of-Course (EOC) tests are exactly what they sound like: tests that students take at the end of their grade (for grades 3–8) or the end of specific courses (for high school students) in order to demonstrate their learning, as well as that they’re ready to advance to the next stage of their education. Administered online, these tests are aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study (NCSCoS) for English language arts and mathematics and the North Carolina Essential Standards for science.

The grades and subjects covered with North Carolina’s EOG and EOC tests are as follows:

  • End-of-Grade
  • Reading (grades 3–8)
  • Mathematics (grades 3–8)
  • Science (grades 5 and 8)
  • End-of-Course (exams taken when corresponding course is completed)
  • Biology
  • English II
  • NC Math 1
  • NC Math 3

The virtual EOG and EOC tests contain a mix of multiple choice, constructed response, and technology-enhanced items. EOC test results account for at least 20 percent of a student’s final grade in the respective course. The tests are primarily administered online, but exceptions are available for schools that lack the needed technology or students whose disabilities prevent them from accessing the virtual test.

High school students also take the PreACT (in grade 10) and the ACT (in grade 11) as their annual assessment in English, reading, math, and science. The PreACT predicts future ACT test results and provides insights into strengths and weaknesses that students can focus on in preparing for the ACT. The ACT WorkKeys is also available to high school students and required for those focusing on career and technical education (CTE).

Students with significant cognitive disabilities may qualify to take the NCEXTEND1 alternate assessments, instead of the EOG and EOC exams. NCEXTEND1 tests against the North Carolina Extended Content Standards in reading and math and the North Carolina Extended Essential Standards in science. It covers the same subjects and grade levels as the standard exams.

In lieu of the PreACT and ACT, students with significant cognitive disabilities may qualify to take the College and Career Readiness Alternate Assessments (CCRAA) for grade 10 and 11. These tests, CCRAA 10 and CCRAA 11, are available in both online and paper formats and are administered in the same windows as the corresponding PreACT or ACT test.

North Carolina also administers the WIDA Screener and WIDA ACCESS Placement Test (W-APT) to identify English language learners, who are then assessed with the ACCESS for ELLs test (or the Alternate ACCESS for ELLs, if the English learners have significant cognitive disabilities). ACCESS for ELLs measures students’ proficiency in academic English.

Testing windows for North Carolina EOG and EOC tests (as well as other assessments) vary depending on each district’s schedule.

How to Prep for North Carolina EOG Tests with Virtual Practice Exams

As online exams, North Carolina EOG and EOC tests require students to know how to navigate through a virtual environment and interact with digital features to provide their answers to questions. Questions can take a variety of forms, involving such features as drag-and-drop, graph building, equation creation, and table filling.

To make sure your students aren’t caught off-guard on test day, you’ll want to give them opportunities to practice in a virtual testing environment. With virtual practice items, your students will be able to explore the functions of virtual test items and learn exactly how to approach different question types. They’ll gain a familiarity with their device (use the same one they’ll use on test day!) and the testing technology that will help them approach the real test with confidence and ease.

Administer practice tests through Pear Assessment, and you can map your questions to specific learning standards. The platform will then provide you with insights on which standards your students need to work on more and which they’ve already mastered. You can identify strengths and weaknesses, and apply those findings to your day-to-day teaching and lesson plans.

Prep for North Carolina EOG Tests in Pear Assessment

Pear Assessment makes administering practice tests easy. And we help you make sure your students are gaining the skills and knowledge they need to ace the North Carolina EOG and EOC tests.

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