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Alabama ACAP Practice Test

Prep for Alabama testing with ACAP Practice Tests

When Alabama’s testing time comes around, you want your students to be ready for the Alabama Comprehensive Assessment Program. Today, with the test typically delivered by computer, it’s crucial your students are as familiar with virtual test-taking technology as they are with the actual content they’re going to be tested on.

This is where ACAP practice tests come in.

Keep reading to find out what you need to know about ACAP tests, practice tests, and how to best prepare your students for the computer-based assessments.

What Is ACAP?

The Alabama Comprehensive Assessment Program, or ACAP, is an annual standardized testing system that evaluates students’ achievement of the Alabama Course of Study Standards. With tests in English language arts, mathematics, and science, ACAP provides valuable insight into students’ mastery of standards, while also providing information about individual schools and districts. Tests are delivered to the following grades:

  • English language arts (grades 2–8)
  • Mathematics (grades 2–8)
  • Science (grades 4, 6, and 8)

ACAP tests given to grade 2 students are used as a baseline to compare students to when they take the test again in grade 3. The ELA tests for grades 4 and up include a writing task that requires students to draw from a passage provided in order to synthesize information and write a response. This task is scored by professional readers, while all other test questions are machine-scored. The math tests involve evidence-based and technology-enhanced questions.

All ACAP tests are delivered online, with paper accommodations available to students whose IEP or 504 plan outlines the need for paper tests. Students with the most significant cognitive disabilities may qualify for the ACAP Alternate, which provides assessments for the same subjects and grade levels and measures students against the Alabama Alternate Achievement Standards. The ACAP Alternate is administered via paper student test booklet, while test administrators enter student answers into the computer testing platform.

ACAP tests in math and science are available in Spanish for qualifying students. Alabama also administers the ACCESS for ELLs English language proficiency assessment to grade K-12 English language learners. Once students achieve a 4.8 composite score on ACCESS, they graduate from receiving ESL services. An Alternate ACCESS for ELLs is available to English language learners in grade 1 and up who have significant cognitive disabilities.

High school students take the ACT with Writing in grade 11 to assess their mastery of math, English, and science concepts.

How to Prep Your Students with ACAP Practice Tests

Computer-based tests like the ACAP require your students to know both the content and the testing technology. Unlike old-fashioned bubble tests, answering questions on these tests requires more than a sharp number 2 pencil. Your students need to know how to use drag-and-drop tools, interact with the screen to create graphs and tables, and navigate from the narrative text of a question to the space they’re supposed to type out their answer.

Keyboarding skills are a must, as well as familiarity with both the testing platform and the device they’re taking the test on. To get the most out of ACAP practice test sessions, have your students take the ACAP practice test on the same device they’ll use on test day, whether a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

With this sort of practice, your students will be well on their way to developing the skills — and the confidence — to tackle the real ACAP test and ace it. In the meantime, they’ll get a sense of the content they’ll be tested on and learn the ins and outs of the virtual testing technology. They’ll know exactly what to expect on test day.

ACAP Practice Tests Are Available in Pear Assessment

Ready for your first ACAP practice test? With a free Pear Assessment (formerly Edulastic) account, you can easily introduce your students to the sort of technology and features they’ll encounter on the ACAP test. We’ve already uploaded ACAP practice test content to the Pear Assessment Public Library, so in a snap, you can administer the practice test to your students.

Want to create or assemble your ACAP practice tests? No problem. Pick from an item bank of thousands of standards-aligned questions and either assign them right away to students or customize them to meet your classwork or individual class needs. From the Pear Assessment Live Class Board or Standards Mastery Report, you’ll be able to see how students did. With the performance data, you’ll know how to best support student learning and what to expect on the official exam day.

Setting up a free Pear Assessment account is easy—and providing crucial ACAP test practice is even easier. Your students will be able to take the practice test in an environment that mimics the look and feel of the real exams. They’ll be more than prepared for test day.

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