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Pear Deck for Schools & Districts

Discover the benefits of sitewide licenses

Schools & Districts partner with Pear Deck when they:

  • Believe in the importance of student engagement and classroom equity
  • Support teachers and help them make formative assessment part of their daily practice  
  • Know they can get better results from their investment in student devices
  • Want solutions that seamlessly work with the tools they already use
  • Are looking for a simple solution that will work in every classroom, across every grade, and subject


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"Hands down, if I was to choose one app for engagement, instruction and valuable learning data, it would be Pear Deck."
– Becca Redman, Wells High School & University of Southern Maine

Designed to Support Active Learning

Pear Deck was created by educators and has been tested in thousands of real-world classrooms. All of Pear Deck's solutions are designed to support proven pedagogy and active learning techniques. We know active learning has been proven to increase student achievement, and improve interpersonal relationships and self-esteem. Pear Deck makes it easy for teachers to create active, collaborative learning environments.

Built to empower teachers

Teachers can’t give every student equal time and that frustrating lack of personal impact contributes to teachers leaving, on average, after 5 years of work. When teachers can easily collect and use formative assessment data to adapt and improve their teaching, not only do students learn more, teachers report much higher levels of job satisfaction. Pear Deck makes it easy and fun for teachers to connect with all of their students, and under the best circumstances feel happier in their jobs.

Maximize the value of 1:1 programs

Devices alone aren’t enough to transform the classroom. We know that effective 1:1 and BYOD programs increase student engagement, responsibility and collaboration. When done right, your technology program can result in improved student experience and performance. Pear Deck can help you focus on student experience and allow devices to enhance the classroom experience for every student.

“[Pear Deck] increased attention and upped student engagement. I was able to give voice to all of my students at once. This is why Pear Deck became a staple of my classroom!”
– Nicholas Amaral, Ramapo Indian Hills Regional School District