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Personalized tutoring backed by powerful insights

Combine Pear Deck Tutor with Pear Assessment to provide immediate, tailored support with personalized tutoring informed by holistic student assessments.
sample Pear Deck Tutor student tutoring card.
Pear Assessment
Pear Deck Tutor
example student tutoring score, student raising hand on tutoring session, student response card progress report.
“If a student didn’t do well on a test in Pear Assessment, they then practice the items in Pear Deck Tutor. This helps to show a student’s progress and thinking.”
Elaine Broe, Media Specialist
Wayne Township PS (NJ)

Robust reporting and personalized support

Give every student a personalized path to understanding with detailed assessment data and 1:1 tutoring.
two Pear Assessment sample question cards with a sample student response card.

Pear Assessment

Pear Assessment is a complete assessment solution that transforms data into personalized learning:

  • Instant access to data-driven insights and standards mastery tracking.
  • Generate assessments using our robust content library, or create your own using various test formats.
  • Deliver classroom and common assessments across grades and student groups for the complete picture of progress.
  • Simulate state testing experiences using pre-released items (or build your own) so students build confidence before the real thing.

Pear Deck Tutor

Pear Deck Tutor offers personalized support:

  • Identify areas for improvement and target tutoring sessions to reinforce concepts and improve overall understanding.
  • Use advanced efficacy reporting to guide students' next steps for more positive outcomes.
  • Improve equitable learning outcomes by providing wider access to differentiated academic support and timely, detailed feedback.
student with a Pear Deck Tutor example tutor question overlay

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