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May 14, 2024

Streamlining the tutor request process: Say goodbye to the Waiting Room!

Pear Deck Tutor

Summer break is just around the corner. We're using this quieter time to make Pear Deck Tutor’s tutor request process even more efficient.

First up: we’re eliminating the Waiting Room. 

Based on tutor feedback and our own data analysis, we've found that this step can sometimes create unnecessary friction for both tutors and students. Students might get confused about how to start a session, and tutors can spend valuable time waiting for unresponsive students. The removal of the Waiting Room aims to streamline the tutor request process and maximize learning time.

What does this mean?

  • Students will enter the Lesson Space immediately after they’re matched with a tutor. 
  • Tutors will have the opportunity to clarify the student's request during the first 3 minutes of the session, which will still be compensated time. (learn more)

Benefits for all: 

  • Reduced friction, increased connections: Not a great match? Students won’t have to resubmit their request. If the tutor or student determines in the first 3 minutes that it’s not a great match, either one of them can end the session and send the tutor request to other available tutors. 
  • Improved tutor efficiency: Tutors can jump right into sessions without waiting for students in the Waiting Room. This translates to better utilization of valuable tutoring resources.
  • Maximized learning time: With the Waiting Room gone, both tutors and students can focus on what matters most – effective instruction and academic success.

What to expect:

  • The Waiting Room will be eliminated from the tutoring request process on May 22nd.
  • Students will be informed about this change during the final step in the request submission process.
  • Tutors will see a brief explanation displayed in the Lesson Space to clarify the first 3 minutes are compensated time for request clarification.

By streamlining the process and optimizing tutor time, we can ensure that more students receive the individualized support they need to thrive.