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March 12, 2021

New Improvements to Parent Portals, Rubrics, Work Upload, and Regrade

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This month we are delivering new insights, ways to show work, and enhancements to improve a variety of your favorite tools in Edulastic. As usual, the updates announced here came into fruition thanks to the feedback and guidance from educators and school leaders like you. We hope you continue to enjoy Edulastic and may these new features make your instructional experience this year even better!

1) Label and find your assignments

You’ve always been able to tag questions so you can easily find them. Now you can also tag assignments. As you begin to type in your tag, auto-suggestions will populate based on available district tags. You can edit tags on the assignments page in the action drop-down menu. And of course, when you search for assessments in the library or in assessments authored by you, you’ll be able to use tags to help you find the content you are looking for. Learn more.

2) Filter students on the Live Class Board

Organize student cards on the live class board by status. You’ll more easily be able to work with or navigate next steps with students with the ability to filter by status. Options for filtering include: all, not started, in progress, submitted, graded, absent, paused, redirected, and unassigned. Learn more about the Live Class Board.

Sort student cards by status.

3) When viewing question responses, sort for easier grading

Grading just got easier! When grading or reviewing student work question by question, you can choose to sort question answers by the following categories: Not Graded, Incorrect, Partially Correct, Correct, Skipped, and of course, All.

Sort questions for easier review.

4) Preview what students are going to see from your teacher account

(improvements to teacher’s student preview)
Now, straight from your teacher account, you’ll get a more comprehensive look into what students will experience when you assign them work. When entering Preview mode you’ll see the test instructions, text to speech, calculator, check answer, and the timer– if you stay in the test preview for the full amount of time, you’ll even see the pop-up that notifies you that you’ve run out of time to complete the test.

5) Save your SnapQuiz draft more easily (no need to enter answers!)

SnapQuiz is a quick way to upload an assignment, quiz, or test, and make it digital. If you’re in a rush and realize that you don’t have time to complete the set-up of your SnapQuiz, you can easily hit save and exit the draft. Previously it was mandatory to enter the correct answer choices before exiting, but we’ve now removed that to make the SnapQuiz set-up process easier to complete on your own timeline.

6) A new work upload button for students to show work on any question or at the end of an assignment. ($)

When working through an assignment on Edulastic, students can now upload a picture of their work using a button found at the top of the screen. Students can either upload a picture or file to a specific question, OR they can add it at the end of the assignment on the review page.
As a teacher, you’ll see the student work in the Live Class Board when you are reviewing student responses on the question. A drop-down option will open the student work, which includes anything the student uploaded as well as the scratchpad.

Students can now click the “upload work” button to show their work.

7) Label and find your reports with tags ($)

Tags are coming to reports so you can better sort, organize, and find the specific reports you love to frequent or visit now and then. As you begin to type a tag, auto-suggestions will populate based on frequently used tags across your district. When you go to look for a report, you can enter a tag in the entry box below the “test type” section on the left-side reports filter.

8) Improved parent/guardian portal ($)

Research shows again and again that parental involvement with schooling can make a positive impact in a student’s academic attainment. To support educators with parent involvement, there is now a way for you to create parent/guardian accounts. These accounts serve as a portal for parents to view their child’s assignments and reports in their Edulastic account.

9) Rubric enhancements for scoring and downloading rubric scores($)

Log in to Edulastic and you’ll soon find sleeker rubrics. On the Live Class Board while you are grading students with rubrics, you can enter scores for each criteria with the click of a button.
Go to download grades into a spreadsheet you’ll now see the rubric scoring laid out in the sheet. This adjustment will help you understand what criteria in the rubric were met when viewing the results in the sheet. Learn more.

10) Redirect only skipped questions to students ($)

Sometimes students accidentally skip a question when rushing through an assignment or just because. Send only the skipped questions back to your student or students with Redirect. This will allow them to attempt those problems they missed and submit an answer for grading. Learn more about redirect.

11) Add a time limit to the navigation restriction anti-cheat feature ($)

Maybe you want your students to be able to review content outside of the Edulastic window, but you don’t want them lingering outside the assignment for long. You can put a time limit on a student’s time away from the Edulastic page. This also helps if you want a student to be able to open a link that you cite on a question, or if you want them to do quick online research on their own, but not be away from the assignment for long.

This feature is an addition to last month’s released features which opens a student’s assignment in full-screen mode and warns or pauses students who navigate outside of the Edulastic assessment.

12) Assign a school or district Edulastic subscription manager ($ Enterprise)

Take the reins on Edulastic subscription management. Designate someone in your school or district the ability to manage Edulastic Teacher Premium accounts and add-ons. The subscription manager will have the tools to add subscriptions, move around subscriptions, and more.

13) View the Engagement Report to see how Edulastic is being utilized across your school or district ($ Enterprise)

If you are a school or district leader, you may be curious how much teachers and students at your school or district are using Edulastic. In your Edulastic Admin account that comes with Edulastic Enterprise, you can swing over to your Engagement Report to learn about usage. You’ll be able to filter by school, school year, teacher, class grade, class subject, course and assessment type to get an idea of how teachers are using Edulastic within your organization. Learn more.

Learn more about the new features on Edulastic

Log in to your Edulastic account to get started today! If you’re new, sign up for a free account and if you are interested in trying out the new features in Premium, activate your free trial.