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April 16, 2021

April Improvements: New Features for Reports, Zero Point Questions, State Test Skins and More!

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April 2021 New Edulastic Features:

1) Student empowerment: Students can track their own progress with the skills mastery report.

Within their accounts, students can feel empowered with their own standards in the skills mastery report. Accessible through a tab on their left-side menu, this report for students is sortable by class. In a time when instant data and reporting is available, students can experience the benefits themselves. Sometimes there’s also a little extra motivation and a feeling of ownership from seeing one’s own progress.

2) Quick access to Edit and Regrade from the Live Class Board

If you are reviewing student responses on the Live Class Board and notice an error in one of the questions, you can now quickly edit the question with the help of a handy new button. The new button says “Edit and Regrade” and will be located near each question. Click into the button to fix the question and save to process the changes. Note, this button works just like Edit and Regrade always has worked and will change that current assessment AND anywhere that specific question has been used.

3) Ask a Zero Point Question (Premium)

Give students a question without a grade. This setting comes in handy when you are including SEL in your curriculum and want to ask students an essay question or drawing response question that doesn’t necessarily elicit a right or wrong reply. In the case where you want students to affirm their honesty on the test, you could also include a T/F, fill in the blank, or multiple choice question where students acknowledge that they will complete the assessment to the best of their ability and will not cheat.

When setting up the test, use the check box to set the question as a Zero point question. For autograded questions, keep in mind that you still must indicate the correct answer, but the final score will not be counted towards the students assessment grade. This is also a great way(rather than to delete the question) to set up a bonus question or to adjust a question with Edit and Regrade if you decide later that you’d prefer to ignore it for the overall grade, but want to still have it as part of the assessment. Learn more.

4) Save time by saving your custom settings (Premium)

As Edulastic has grown, so have the options. Now that you have many configurations available for the assignments you are giving, we’re providing a way to save your favorite assignment settings.

– Save your assign settings

Want to enable calculators for all your quizzes and lock the navigation for your tests? Rather than scramble to adjust the settings, you can save your settings so when you go to assign something, you can pick your pre-sets from a drop-down menu. Name the settings whatever you want so it’s easy to quickly assign your bell-ringers, quizzes, homework, lessons, summative assessments, or whatever you regularly give to students! Learn more.

– Save your custom keypads

No need to sift through math symbols and icons anymore with the rollout of this latest update. Save the custom keypads you use most often with your students. Just like saving assign settings, you can now label a saved keypad and select it from a dropdown menu next time you need it. Learn more

5) A new Questar player skin to mimic the state test in NY, MO, MS, NC, and other states using Questar. (Premium)

Player skins provide a great way to give students state test practice that mimic what students will experience on test day. If you live in a state that uses Questar, such as New York, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Missouri, you’ll be particularly interested in this update. Be sure to make use of this new player skin that will deliver the assessment so it looks like the Questar format. When students get to state testing day, they’ll be able to focus on the content, and less on the new layout of the assessment.

6) Standards and Student Progress Report (Premium)

Standard progress report: Users should be able to analyze the mastery of a standard across multiple assessments, grouped by segments such as school, teachers etc.

Student progress profile report: Users should be able to analyze the mastery of different standards across multiple assessments by a specific student.

7) Drag resources into your playlists (Premium)

Playlists are a great way to deliver modules, assessments, lessons, and other groupings of assignments from your curricula to students. You can loop in PDFs, links, and other resources to share with your students as they work through the playlists. Easily drag and drop the resources of your choosing into the playlist so students can view and reference them.

Add your resources into the resource pop-up.
Here’s how the added resources look to students.

8) Improvements to reports (Premium)

When you go to take a look at your reports, you’ll now find all filters for adjusting report parameters at the top. Keeping the filters in one place will make it easier for you to make any needed adjustments and review what you’re looking at.

Also, where previously you had to mark an assessment as “done”, now all assessments will show up in the Multiple Assessment Reports and Student Mastery reports.

9) Single session for students(Premium)

This new anti-cheat features ensures that there is only one active login for a student account. Makes sense, because why would the student need to log in twice? Students are only only allowed to be in one session on one device. When a new login occurs, the older login will get a notification and the older session will end. Learn more about this and other anti-cheat features.

10) SparkReading (Premium + Enterprise Add-On)

In addition to these new features in Edulastic, we’ve announced SparkReading. SparkReading provides reading comprehension, STEM cross-curricular, book bundles, and soon-to-be released phonics. The high-quality assessment content serves grades K-12 and you can get a free two week trial with your Edulastic account. See the full announcement here.

Learn more about the new features on Edulastic

Edulastic improvements are driven by the feedback we receive from our customers, the Edulastic Innovator Team, and other educators like you who share their feedback with us. We listen and then our team gets to work to make Edulastic even better.

Log in to your Edulastic account to get started today! If you’re new, sign up for a free account and if you are interested in trying out the new features in Premium, activate your free trial.