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May 4, 2023

Goals, Interventions and Early Warning Reports in Data Studio

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New Data Studio reports help school leaders track progress.

Schools can now configure goals, interventions, and early warning reporting with Data Studio. These new reports offer schools more flexibility and tailored analysis in their journey to deploy more proactive, data-driven approaches to student support.

Let’s take a look at each report:

Set and measure goals and interventions

A screenshot of Edulastic's set and measure goals function

Schools can use the Goals and Interventions reports in Data Studio to define both academic and non-academic goals,  including time frames, proficiency thresholds, and which students the goal or intervention applies to. A leader can be defined for each goal or intervention declared, and notes can be added to provide context about the goal’s status. 

Once the goal is set, it will appear on the Goals List, which gives school leaders a simple, at-a-glance view of the status across all goals. Users can select the goal to analyze the underlying data to determine if further action is needed.

Build early warning reporting

A screenshot of Edulastic's early warning reporting feature

School leaders want to identify early warning signs of students at risk of falling behind or dropping out. The Early Warning Report allows districts to configure risk level bands based on attendance, performance, and non-academic data, helping school leaders identify concerns in these areas.

 With configuration complete, users can review three modules on the Early Warning Report  that show point-in-time risk levels distribution, how bands have changed over time, and how risk breaks down by school level. Similar to other Edulastic reports, users can drill into the data for more in-depth analysis by applying filters for parameters like Assessment Type, Grade, Subject, Year, Demographics. 

Both reports build on existing capabilities in Data Studio that help school leaders uncover student learning insights through simple data visualization and reports.

Learn how Data Studio can help your schools provide more data-driven support.

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