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March 31, 2023

Edulastic Data Studio

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Get the complete picture of student achievement with Data Studio

A new solution from Edulastic empowers district and classroom leaders to uncover student learning insights to guide strategic decisions and support student outcomes.

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Schools deploy a lot of tools and resources to measure student progress. Formative assessments, screeners, and state tests offer glimpses into student achievement. While each is uniquely valuable on their own, they only present a siloed, point-in-time view — the comprehensive picture for school leaders is incomplete. Aggregating all the sources can be time consuming and costly. Moreover, presenting data in a way that is accessible and actionable requires dedicated time and energy to complete.

Introducing Data Studio: a new, simpler way to get a comprehensive view of student achievement. Simple dashboards plus easy-to-digest visual analysis let you see your district’s data — from both Edulastic and third-party sources — at a glance.

A screenshot of Edulastic Data Studio insights page

See the bigger picture for the big district decisions 

View macro achievement trends and see how students, and groups of students, are moving towards mastery with built-in analysis tools to identify patterns and guide strategic conversations. 

Bring insights to the surface 

Glean critical information at a glance with easy-to-read visuals about attendance data, distribution of assessment scores, standards mastery, and academic at-risk levels  — all in one accessible dashboard. 

Implement the right support right when it’s needed

Proactively identify trends with Edulastic data alongside third-party assessments and filter by schools, specific tests, and more, so you can add support wherever needed. 

Align reporting to measure the goals that matter

Configure goals, risk level, and performance bands to fit the specific needs of your district so your staff is all reviewing the same centralized data.

Data Studio is now available as an add-on for Edulastic Enterprise customers. Reach out to your representative to schedule a demo today.

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