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Newsela Social-Emotional Learning Collection

As we find ourselves in the midst of a welcome movement to prioritize Social-Emotional Learning in our schools, we know that you are already doing this work. You approach your students as counselors, mentors, role models, and friends — all while still covering required material. The movement now has an established name and research to back it up, but you’ve long known that students’ inner lives affect their outer worlds: how they learn, how they navigate through careers and life, how they treat others.

Newsela and Pear Deck teamed up to create templates that will help you explore five important SEL topics with your students: Mindfulness, Empathy, Active Listening, Mutual Respect, and Mind-Body Connections.

Development of Newsela’s SEL Collection was informed by many groundbreaking SEL frameworks including those from CASEL, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, and more.

How to Use the Templates

The SEL Templates combine Newsela’s Social-Emotional Learning content with Pear Deck’s unique student engagement platform. When sharing with students, they will read the Newsela article directly in the Pear Deck session eliminating the need to direct students to a new tab or type in a URL.

To begin, install the templates to your Google Drive and open the file in Google Slides.

The templates are organized into a simple sequence of activities:

Step 1 . Introduce the topic and have students respond to a writing prompt

Step 2 . Students read an article at
Students will need to login with a free Newsela account

Step 3 . Reflect and discuss the SEL topic as a class

This three-step instructional pattern makes it easy to layer in SEL learning on top of your daily classroom activities and when you present with Pear Deck, you’ll get 100% student engagement. Feel free to make these templates your own by editing the prompts or adding slides with links to other relevant articles.

Want to go further? Learn more about Newsela’s SEL Collection.