Are you an Inspearational Educator?

Whether you’re an aspiring Pear Deck advocate or an avid badge collector, the Inspearational Educator badge is a great way to showcase your Pear Deck savvy for your colleagues, school leaders and your PLN to see! 

Earning your Inspearational Educator badge is easy. Just follow the simple steps below:

Application Requirements

  1. Attend a Pear Deck webinar or a Pear Deck session at a regional or national conference

  2. Submit a sample Pear Deck you made

  3. Present at least 20 times (this is an all-time minimum)

  4. Submit an official application


  • The Pear Deck must be a contained lesson or unit (we recommend something that would be one of several partial-class segments)

  • The Deck should be 5-10 slides (please do not exceed 10 slides)

  • The Deck must contain at least 3 different question types

  • Include at least one formative assessment (indicate this in the speaker notes)

  • Include at least one open-ended question (indicate this in the speaker notes)


Your Inspearational Educator Certification is good for one year! Use Pear Deck at least once a month throughout the year to keep your certification up to date!