Are you an Inspearational Educator?

Do you use Pear Deck frequently during class?
Is student engagement a top priority in your school or classroom?
Do you model great pedagogy to your fellow educators using Pear Deck?
Do you train colleagues or peers on Pear Deck or by using Pear Deck?
Do you want the world to know you’re a Pear Deck wiz? 

If you answered YES! to any or all of those questions, we think you might make a great Pear Deck Inspearational Educator! Becoming an Inspearational Educator is simple, just complete the four easy steps listed below. We'll review your application and if approved, we’ll send you a badge for you to include in your email signature, Twitter account, and anywhere else you can think of!

Application Requirements

  1. Attend Pear Deck webinar or a Pear Deck session at an EdTech Team Google Summit

  2. Submit a sample Pear Deck you made with the Add-on for Google Slides

  3. Present at least 10 times to at least 10 students each time (this is an all-time minimum)

  4. Submit an official application (application will re-open in August 2019)


  • The Pear Deck must be a contained lesson or unit (we recommend something that would be one of several partial-class segments)

  • Use the Add-on to create your Deck

  • The Deck should be 5-10 slides (please do not exceed 10 slides)

  • The Deck must contain at least 3 different question types

  • Include at least one formative assessment (indicate this in the speaker notes)

  • Include at least one open-ended question (indicate this in the speaker notes)


Your Inspearational Educator Certification is good for one year! We’ll send a reminder one month before the certification expires so you remember to come back. To re-certify follow the same simple steps, and you’ll be set for another year!