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Pear Deck + Google Classroom

Transform lessons into active learning experiences in one seamless environment

With the new Pear Deck for Google Classroom Add-on, you can create interactive lessons, control the pace of instruction, view student work in real time, and provide individual feedback directly from within Google Classroom. With single sign-on, students can join the lesson without a code, manage assignments, and review their work for extended learning. It’s the magic of Pear Deck, all within an environment you already know and love!

Get up and running in just a few steps

Once your IT admin has domain-installed the Pear Deck add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace, teachers and students will automatically have access to Pear Deck within Google Classroom. You can attach lessons from Pear Deck’s Content Orchard, or from your own Drive, and assign them to students to join with the ease of single sign-on.

Let's show you how

Teachers can build new Pear Deck slides or use existing content, view real-time student progress, and provide feedback when needed, all from within Google Classroom! Just create an assignment for your class and add a Pear Deck lesson to it. Go to your ‘Add-ons' section and select ‘Pear Deck for Google Classroom’. Simple!


Log in to Pear Deck and choose to create a new Pear Deck lesson in Google Slides to add to your Google Classroom, or select an existing file from your Drive and attach it to your assignment. When your lesson is ready to be assigned to students, click ‘Confirm lesson’, then ‘Assign’.


Simply assign the lesson and it will appear for the assigned students in their class stream. Students can join the Session directly from Google Classroom with no code needed, walk through the Pear Deck lesson, and respond to each interactive slide. When students have completed the Pear Deck lesson, they will be prompted to turn in their assignments.


Then you can review and assess Session material and offer personalized feedback directly from within Google Classroom.

Pear Deck for Google Classroom Add-on is a Pear Deck Premium feature. To get started, reach out to your admin to have them install the add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace. Once your admin has set up the add-on, check out this Help article for a complete overview and how-to guide.

With Pear Deck and Google Classroom, it's easier than ever to create powerful learning moments for every student in class — across every subject, every grade, every day.

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