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Getting Started

Getting going with Pear Deck is easy, whether your school uses Office 365 or Google!

Templates and Examples

You’ve already got your content. Pear Deck is here with flexible templates and teacher-created examples to help make your lessons more engaging!

Critical Thinking Slide 1 - Practice these skills daily to help students think critically
Critical Thinking Slide 2 - Make Connections
Critical Thinking Slide 3 - Consider different viewpoints
Critical Thinking Slide 4 - Step up to the solution
Critical Thinking Slide 5 - I observe...
Critical Thinking Slide 6 - I wonder...
Critical Thinking Slide 7 - How might we...
Critical Thinking Slide 8 - Consider what we need to know
Critical Thinking Slide 9 - Interpret
Critical Thinking Slide 10 - Draw Conclusions
Critical Thinking Slide 11 - Explain

Critical Thinking Templates

Social Emotional Learning Slide 1 - Help students check in with themselves and each other
Social Emotional Learning Slide 2 - Moment of Silence
Social Emotional Learning Slide 3 - What is filling your bucket
Social Emotional Learning Slide 4 - Stress check
Social Emotional Learning Slide 5 - What do you think about...
Social Emotional Learning Slide 6 - Different perspective
Social Emotional Learning Slide 7 - Describe a perspective different from your own
Social Emotional Learning Slide 8 - Active Listening
Social Emotional Learning Slide 9 - Difference of opinions
Social Emotional Learning Slide 10 - Did you find this lesson interesting and challenging?
Critical Thinking Slide 11 - Explain
Social Emotional Learning Slide 12 - Give thanks

Social-Emotional Learning Templates

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Help Resources

Ready to get started? We have resources for every learning style!

Explore the Pear Deck How-to-Handbook

Written by Pear Deck Certified Coaches Mary Alys Foutz and Mike Mohammad, the How-To Handbook will walk you methodically through the Pear Deck process of engaging every student every day. From installing the add-on for Google Slides, to leveraging the Teacher Dashboard for sub plans, these coaches share simple tips and tricks to maximize student engagement in any classroom - K through college, and even for PD!