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October 27, 2022

How Quickly Can I Implement an Online Tutoring Program for My School?

Many schools and districts believe it's difficult to quickly implement an online tutoring program for their school. There is an ongoing misconception that setting up a program will be time-consuming and expensive. Unfortunately, these preconceived notions lead many districts to overlook or delay the implementation of online tutoring programs that could be of immense value to their students and teachers.

When classroom insights and assessment scores reveal a learning gap amongst your students, there’s no time to waste. Curriculum changes or teacher retention programs are solutions, but require a longer-term approach that does not impact students this school year. Maximizing your data impact means you need solutions that can be implemented within weeks, to catalyze results that can be measured within months.

Pear Deck Tutor (formerly TutorMe) takes a turnkey approach that will get your program up and running quickly, so you can start connecting students with the individualized support they need and begin collecting data to assess impact during the current school year.

Check out these common questions about the Pear Deck Tutor implementation process:

How quickly can I implement Pear Deck Tutor?

The average Pear Deck Tutor implementation time is around two weeks, including integration with your district's preferred Learning Management System (such as Clever or Classlink).

We strive to make the implementation process streamlined and efficient to allow schools to have a full integration quickly, allowing students to get the support they need as soon as possible.

Let’s break this process down a bit.

  • First, a key stakeholder in your district will work with a Pear Deck Tutor Account Executive to determine the terms and conditions of the agreement.
  • After both parties sign the agreement, a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) will collaborate with and support you throughout the implementation process.
  • During the implementation process, schools can determine how quickly they want to roll out access to the Pear Deck Tutor platform to classrooms and students.
  • It is important that consistent communication to teachers, students, and families occur during this process to ensure everyone is aware of how they can access virtual tutoring, benefits of utilizing virtual tutoring, and how to utilize Pear Deck Tutor as an in-class support.

What will my customer success manager do?

The goal of the Customer Success Manager is to help improve outcomes related to the implementation of your new tutoring program. High-impact tutoring success isn't defined by simply ensuring that your students have access — it's the actual outcomes experienced by your students.

We pair each school with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will offer a number of vital services that can help you successfully implement your new program and achieve your goals. Your CSM will work with you to:

  • Develop a customized program to help your school make online tutoring a natural extension of students' day-to-day routines.
  • Create personalized plans to help drive student adoption of Pear Deck Tutor. Each district and each school is unique, and you need a strategy and plan tailored to supporting your students. Our CMSs have considerable experience in dealing with that essential implementation, which puts them in the ideal position to help guide adoption throughout your district.
  • Share resources needed to promote Pear Deck Tutor to educators, students, and caregivers, including flyers, posters, emails, and social media posts.

Our partners also receive demos, resources, and ongoing support designed to help even the most tech-adverse teachers get up and running in no time.

Does Pear Deck Tutor handle recruiting tutors?

Yes! We've done the heavy lifting of onboarding thousands of highly qualified tutors onto our platform, relieving you of the time and energy required to recruit and manage tutoring programs. Our tutors are incredibly experienced. We only accept 4% of the applications we receive from prospective tutors because we have a strict vetting process and stringent requirements that tutors must meet to make it onto our platform.

Our thriving community of thousands of tutors includes seasoned experts like teachers, consummate professionals, and other subject matter experts who are eager to share their knowledge and experience with students. We also require our tutors to pass a criminal background check and knowledge assessment before they begin working with K-12 students.

Schools and districts can use Pear Deck Tutor as a multi-faceted, integrated student-support strategy that’s scalable and efficient. Our platform and tutoring community can be used to supplement – not just supplant – existing in-person tutoring solutions. One way to integrate Pear Deck Tutor is through the Bring Your Own Tutor (BYOT) program, which allows your on-campus tutors to use our platform. This enables them to offer tutoring sessions to the students of their school outside of the regular office hours or tutoring center. Pear Deck Tutor offers this flexibility to help you make the most of your student support resources — however you define them.

How do students access Pear Deck Tutor?

Pear Deck Tutor works with each district to find the best integration to fit your needs. Schools that utilize a leading Learning Management Software (LMS), such as Canvas or Blackboard, are able to integrate with Pear Deck Tutor to create easy sign on and documentation processes.

By integrating with a district’s LMS, students can log in directly to the Pear Deck Tutor platform via their LMS account. This removes the need of remembering an additional username or password. From this access point, students access Pear Deck Tutor platform where they can request a live one-on-one tutoring session or submit a paper to the Writing Lab.

Even if your district currently uses an internal system that doesn’t align with the LTI-standard of leading LMS providers, our integration specialists will work with your school or district to find a custom solution. Our teams work with districts to find actionable and efficient systems to provide the best integration experience possible.

In about two weeks, Pear Deck Tutor's integration will provide easy access to the Writing Lab and Lesson Space for students and to the Client Dashboard for teachers and administrations. We want to help you get your tutoring program up and running quickly to make it as simple as possible for students to access the support when, where, and how they need it.  

Implementing online tutoring for your district is quick and easy

At Pear Deck Tutor, we strive to make the implementation process as quick and easy as possible. Whether your student support needs include remediation or acceleration, we offer a scalable solution that aligns with your district's specific objectives. From launch to post-launch support like student adoption strategies, Pear Deck Tutor is a partner dedicated to the success of your online tutoring program.

Learn more about what partnering with Pear Deck Tutor would look like for students and faculty in your district.


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Kristen Baek
Student Success Manager

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