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Discover how the AI capabilities of Pear Deck Learning empower educators and improve student outcomes.
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AI for Question Generation

Homework. Quizzes. Practice. Learn how AI helps you by quickly generate questions, 
offering a “first draft” for you to review and modify as needed.

Pear Assessment

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Simplify and accelerate quiz creation

Pear Practice

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The quick, fun way for
students to learn

Explaining and Grading

AI helps teachers save time with the ability to speed up assessment and grading.

Pear Assessment

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AI gives teachers a jumpstart on grading essay questions with time-saving rubrics

Pear Practice

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Introducing your real-time learning assistant

Intuitive practice question generation offers on-the-spot support for students when they want more practice.

Better matches for a better experience

Pear Deck Tutor

We’ve enhanced tutoring requests by implementing an advanced chatbot and refined questions to help get the ball rolling in the right direction. See how.

  • Improved Matching: More detailed information about a student’s needs means we can more accurately match them with the right tutor.
  • Improved Effectiveness: The information received helps create personalized session plans with clear learning goals. That equates to more targeted, more efficient tutoring sessions.
  • A Helpful, Virtual Hand: Many students have a hard time describing the help they need. Thankfully, there's Tutor Match Pal, our AI chatbot. Simple prompts get the conversation started, leading to the info a tutor will need.
Tutor Match Pal messenger screenshot.

With great technology comes great responsibility

Pear Deck Learning's AI-powered tools are thoughtfully aligned with academic objectives and educators' needs to prioritize student success. With efficacy at its core, these tools were designed to effectively enhance personalized learning experiences to help boost student outcomes. All while protecting student data and privacy.