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Share the Pear

We love when passionate educators want to share the power of Pear Deck with others!

Here's how it works

  1. Decide what type of training you're interested in.
  2. Tell us a little bit about who you are, where and when you plan to Share the Pear.
  3. We’ll provide you with training materials to make your event great! This includes training Decks, Pear Deck Premium trial codes, swag, and customizable invites to share with attendees. ✨
  4. After your event, you’ll be sent your Shared The Pear achievement badge! Discover all of the Pear Deck achievement badges and set a goal to earn your first one here.

How will you Share the Pear?


Sign up if you’re giving an in-person training!
Are you organizing or planning on presenting at a PD Training, EdCamp or conference? We will provide you with everything you need, including a training deck, detailed presenter notes, and instructions for your session. Plus we may be able to support your event with great swag and prizes like certificates for Premium Access, totes, or stickers.


Be Internet Awesome provides educators with the best available teaching tools to help students become responsible digital citizens. Let us know if you’re sharing the curriculum with fellow educators — we’ll send over a BIA training deck, powered by Pear Deck, and exclusive BIA swag for the event!

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For teams ready to take Pear Deck to the next level, we can work with you to schedule webinars or in-person workshops. Conducted by Pear Deck team members or one of our trained coaches, workshops can help departments, schools and districts maximize the usage and efficacy of Pear Deck! Schedule a workshop!

Depending on the length of the session and number of sessions, additional costs may apply.

"The Pear Deck presentation was the type of session where I was able to implement ideas the next day. It showed me that technology doesn’t have to be scary and it does engage students! Thank you again for sharing Pear Deck with me!"
– Valerie Separa Ruiz Special Education Academic Support Team