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Inspearational Educator badge

Inspearational Educator

Are you a Pear Deck Inspearational Educator?

Whether you’re an enthusiastic Pear Deck advocate or an avid Pear Deck badge collector, the Inspearational Educator badge is a great way to showcase your Pear Deck savvy for your colleagues, school leaders, and your PLN to see!

Application Requirements

  1. Make sure your Pear Deck skills are in tip-top shape! Check out a Pear Deck webinar or attend a Pear Deck session at a regional or national conference.

  2. We want to see your awesome creations! Submit a sample Pear Deck created by you!

  3. Present at least 25 times this school year

    • Presentations can be different Decks each time, or the same one several times
    • Presentations can be Student-Paced or Instructor-Paced
    • At least five students must engage with interactivity for a Session to count
  4. Submit your official Inspearational Educator application 👇

Submit an official application


  1. The Pear Deck must be a contained lesson or unit (we recommend something that would be one of several partial-class segments)
  2. The Deck should be 5-10 slides
  3. The Deck must contain at least 3 different question types
  4. Include at least one formative assessment (indicate this in the speaker notes)
  5. Include at least one open-ended question (indicate this in the speaker notes)
  6. Google users: Share your deck using Pear Deck Publish and Share


This year’s Inspearational Educator Certification is valid through the end of August, and you can reapply every school year to earn a new Inspearational Educator badge. Repeat Inspearational Educators will get additional swag for yourselves, your teacher friends, and your classrooms! (Plus, the longer you’re an Inspearational Educator, the better the swag gets!)