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Administrator Guide

Congratulations on joining the Pear Deck learning community! By investing in Pear Deck for your school or district, you’ve made a powerful commitment to active learning and 100% student engagement. Rolling Pear Deck out to your faculty is simple — just follow our easy process below.  The sooner you get started, the sooner your teachers and students will realize the benefits of learning with Pear Deck!



Make it easy for your teachers to get started by installing and authorizing Pear Deck apps across your organization. Before you begin, review the Technical Requirements and have the IT administrator at your school or site unblock the underlying services required by Pear Deck to ensure that teachers and students have an optimal learning experience.

  • Integrate your Learning Management System Contact your Customer Success Manager to determine eligibility for LMS integration.



Lead your next PD session using our Professional Development template. No matter what the subject matter, you can use Pear Deck to model engagement for your faculty.

There are lots of ways to make sure your Pear Deck rollout is a success after the initial training!

  • Direct your teachers toward our resources
Inspearational Educator Badge



Your designated subscription manager can add or remove users at any time from their Pear Deck Dashboard if you have a school-wide or group account. If you are not sure who your subscription manager is, please email

We use your teacher list to make sure your teachers have access and to welcome them to Pear Deck. We won’t sell or share your teachers’ information with anyone, ever.

Additional Resources

Getting started guide

We’re excited to help you and your team begin using Pear Deck. These guides for Administrators and Teachers are here to help you get a jump start!


Let’s make sure Pear Deck is going to work smoothly on your network and that your teachers will be able to receive tips and tricks to get the most out of it!

Email Addresses to Unblock

To make sure important updates and information about Pear Deck don’t get caught in spam boxes, make sure your district’s systems will accept addresses that end in

Sites to Safelist

Make sure these sites are added to the safe list on your network so that teachers can seamlessly present with Pear Deck.

App Permissions

Ensure teachers have the necessary permissions to download Pear Deck apps on their devices.


  • Share the Pear Deck Logic Model to help your teachers understand the research behind Pear Deck and why teaching with Pear Deck is effective.
  • Level up your skills with the Pear Deck Institute: A modular, asynchronous training tool meant to help teachers feel more comfortable and confident presenting to students.
  • Use Pear Deck instead of standard slides for delivering training and professional development synchronously or asynchronously. Experiencing Pear Deck as a student can be an easy way for teachers to understand how to use it.  
  • Host a Pear Deck Playground and invite teachers to get one-on-one help and explore Pear Deck’s features.
  • Create a Pear Deck badge or school-wide competition to encourage teachers to try Pear Deck.
  • Share links to Pear Deck’s free content resources like the Be Internet Awesome digital safety curriculum or Newsela Daily Decks.
  • Introduce the Pear Deck by creating a school-wide activity! You can use Pear Deck to promote a school-wide event, introduce yourself as an admin, or create a welcoming activity for new students.
  • Some districts create videos to help get their teachers excited about implementing Pear Deck in their classrooms. It’s a great way to see how teachers at different grade-levels and subject areas can use Pear Deck to engage their students!

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