Congratulations on making your school (or district!) a Pear Deck Premium school! By doing so, you’ve made a powerful commitment to active learning and 100% student engagement. Rolling Pear Deck out to your faculty is simple - just follow our easy process below.  You don’t even have to do it all at once! Of course, the sooner you get started the sooner your school will be seeing the benefits of Pear Deck!



send us your teacher list

This is the most important step in getting started with Pear Deck!

Use this template to send us the names, email address, and grade or subject of each teacher who will have Premium Access. We’ll use this list to grant access to teachers and to welcome them to Pear Deck. We won’t sell or share this list with anyone, we just want to make sure we make your teachers’ experience as seamless as possible. We can’t grant your teachers access until we get your teacher list, so don’t wait! Email the list to us at help@peardeck.com right away.

Your designated admin can add or remove users at any time from https://app.peardeck.com/home/my-account. If you are not sure who your designated administrator is, you can find out by emailing help@peardeck.com.




Make it easy for your teachers to get started by installing the Google Slides Add-on and the Pear Deck Power-up for them.

Schedule a training or PD session for your teachers. We’ve got you covered with some pre-made templates to help you get started.




There are lots of ways to make sure your Pear Deck rollout is a success after the initial training!

  1. Direct your teachers toward our resources

  2. help@peardeck.com is always there when you can’t find the solution yourself.

  3. Encourage teachers to apply to become an Inspearational Educator!


Resources for You

Network Issues and Troubleshooting

Let’s make sure Pear Deck is going to work smoothly on your network and that your teachers will be able to receive tips and tricks to get the most out of it!


Email Addresses to Whitelist

To make sure important updates and information about Pear Deck don’t get caught in spam boxes, ensure our domain is added to your district’s whitelist. Make sure you accept addresses that end in @peardeck.com.

Sites to Whitelist

Make sure these sites are whitelisted on your network so that teachers can seamlessly present with Pear Deck.

App Permissions

Ensure teachers have the necessary permissions to download the Pear Deck Add-On on their devices.


“I am hosting a Pear Deck Playground...so teachers can come and get some one-on-one help and play around with some of the features, so hopefully that will boost the confidence of our teachers.”

  • Jena Montgomery, Instructional Coach, Garland ISD

Many schools have created their own Pear Deck badges or school-wide competitions to encourage teachers to try Pear Deck out and make it fun in the process!


Champaign Unit 4 School District in Illinois made a video to help get their teachers excited about implementing Pear Deck in their classrooms. It’s a great way to see how teachers at different grade-levels and subject areas can use Pear Deck to engage their students!

Have a best practice to share? Send it to hello@peardeck.com.