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Pear Deck Great Teaching Achievements

Look at the achievements you can unlock!

We know that great teaching is extremely hard. That's why we build tools to support best teaching practices and take joy in celebrating teachers like you and the incredible work you do each day!

From the very first time you engage students through Pear Deck, you’re on your way to unlocking these teaching badges. Each achievement is a sign of your commitment to excellence; a little reward for your ongoing efforts towards growing in your teaching practice and striving for instructional effectiveness.

So let’s get going and start earning those badges today! When you unlock a new achievement, post it to social media, add it to your email signature, and share it with awesome teachers everywhere!

1 session achievement badge

Earned after leading 1 Session with Pear Deck

5 sessions achievement badge

Earned after leading 5 Sessions with Pear Deck

20 sessions achievement badge

Earned after leading 20 Sessions with Pear Deck

100 sessions achievement badge

Earned after leading 100 Sessions with Pear Deck

pop star achievement badge

Capture those teachable moments on the fly! Use Pop-up Activities five times to become a Pop Star

be internet awesome achievement badge

Help students be safe, confident explorers of the online world with a digital safety lesson

well-rounded achievement badge

Support diverse learning styles with lessons that include all six question types

factory foreman achievement badge

Use Flashcard Factory five times to transform studying vocab into an active and social experience

super engaging achievement badge

You’ve helped reduce the achievement gap while promoting equitable participation 1,000 times in a month!

expeart achievement badge

Novice no more! Your Teacher Dashboard skills allowed you to go deeper with instruction and unlock powerful learning!

avid reader achievement badge

For meeting students where they are and helping them unlock their potential with Immersive Reader

pear master achievement badge

Holy great teaching, Pear Master! You’ve unlocked eight other achievement badges!

recording artist achievement badge

Record instructions, enhance accessibility, or leave students a message in any Pear Deck for Google Slides lesson with Add Audio.

fantastic feedback achievement badge

Use Teacher Feedback to prompt understanding, drive metacognition, and prompt a growth mindset in your students.

lifelong learner achievement badge

We're amazed by your dedication to growing as an educator! The Lifelong Learner Badge is for joining a Pear Deck Webinar.

host with the most achievement badge

Invite another teacher to share your Dashboard! More powerful learning moments are possible when we #TeachTogether.

best guess achievement badge

The Shared Teacher Dashboard is now live! Earn this badge for joining another teacher's Dashboard.

shared the pear achievement badge

Hosting a training on Pear Deck? Be sure to fill out our Share The Pear form, and you’ll earn your Shared the Pear badge!

reflective achievement badge

Earn this badge by using our Reflect & Review feature, which allows you to create more powerful learning moments even after the session ends.

inspearational educator achievement badge

Earn the Inspearational Educator badge to showcase your Pear Deck savvy for your colleagues, school leaders, and PLN.

perfect pear achievement badge

Pear Deck and Google Classroom are the Perfect Pair! Earn this badge when you attach a Pear Deck lesson to an assignment in Google Classroom 5 times.

1 share achievement badge

Share your first Pear Deck in the District Library and plant the seed for a fruitful crop of content!

5 shares achievement badge

Share 5 Pear Decks and keep your District Library growing with even more lessons. 

15 shares achievement badge

Earn this badge by sharing 15 Pear Decks in the District Library for your colleagues to pick from.

As of the launch of this program on 3/12/20, every Pear Deck user will start with with a clean slate.
Prior usage will not count toward these milestones, but we are confident you’re already well on your way!

Collect them all

When an achievement is unlocked, the full-color badge will come directly to your inbox! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to