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Pear Deck for K-12

Make classroom engagement more fruitful

With solutions rooted in active learning and formative assessment, Pear Deck makes it easy to connect with every student, every day. Discover the benefits of bringing Pear Deck to your school or district today.

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A New Partnership

Explore STEM learning with NASA + Pear Deck

Send student engagement soaring with a new collection of Pear Deck lessons developed in collaboration with NASA!

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A new partnership to excite young readers

Sora + TeachingBooks + Pear Deck

Explore new lessons created in partnership with Sora that will take your students’ reading to new heights.

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How Pear Deck Works

Formative Assessment, Six Ways


Have student drag a dot, pin, or other marker.


Give students a canvas, a set of drawing tools, and unleash their creativity!

Multiple Choice

Quickly assess students' understanding.


Give a numbers-only response to a question, and see the range of student's answers.


Let students write a long or short response to your prompt.


Give students a website, and let them explore!

Seamless Integrations

Teachers are a busy bunch, and learning to use new tools can be time-consuming. That’s why Pear Deck was designed to integrate with tools you already know and use. Whether your school is Google or Microsoft-based, Pear Deck will work in your classroom.

Classroom Inspiration