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Here are Some People You Will Work With at Pear Deck

Asmaa Elkeurti

Asmaa Elkeurti


I graduated from the University of Iowa with a B.S. in Computer Science in May 2016. While there, I was involved in Women in Computer Science, the student ACM chapter, and spent 3 semesters working as a photographer and writer for the Daily Iowan.

Days at Pear Deck are usually split between working on UX designs with my team and developing our solutions either independently or through pair programming in Javascript. Our highly collaborative environment allows me to utilize both my communications and engineering background and interests — and fits my extroverted personality!

Misha Bergal

Misha Bergal

Senior Developer

I am an engineer on the product team. I think that the difference between team and group is that the former has shared vision. I provide value by implementing features in JavaScript & Flow (it looks nice with all these sum types) + some Elm (damn those sum types) on the front-end and JavaScript & Flow and some Java () on backend.

Danielle Stebel

Danielle Stebel

Marketing Manager

Hi! I’m Danielle, an Iowa City transplant born and raised in LA. I earned my MBA from Chapman University after graduating with a B.A. in Psychology. As the Pear Deck Marketing Manager, my responsibilities include data analysis, promotional activity planning and brand management. I love all things containing sugar, and wish I could survive solely on candy and sparkling water. I truly feel a part of something great at Pear Deck, and our fantastic coffee selection doesn’t hurt either.

Robert Yoo

Robert Yoo

Partnership Manager

Hi! My name is Robert. I was born and raised in the suburbs of Kansas City and went to the school at the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk!). After graduating from KU, I spent 8 years in Chicago, but came back home to be closer to my family. While in Chicago I had the privilege of working for some great technology/SaaS organizations, which is what attracted me to come join Pear Deck.

As a Partnership Manager at Pear Deck, I help bridge the gap for schools and their student engagement initiatives. The most rewarding part of my role is connecting the dots for teachers to get all their students participating in a fun, comfortable and collaborative classroom.

“Literally just finished my most challenging class with a spontaneous round of applause. Thank you Pear Deck for helping me engage students.”

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