How Pear Deck Engages Learners

Plan and build interactive presentation deck directly from your Google Drive
Launch a live, interactive session on the projector.
Every Single Learner joins the live session on his or her device and participates. It’s fun, easy, and engaging!

Pear Deck lives in your Google Drive, so Google Apps for Business or Education (GAFE) users have a completely Frictionless Setup to get started.

Learn More About Pear Deck’s Frictionless Setup

Compelling Interactions Keep Learners Engaged

Content Slide - Participant View
Participant View
Content Slide - Projector View
Projector View
Draggable Slide - Participant View
Participant View
Draggable Slide - Projector View
Projector View
Drawing Slide - Participant View
Participant View
Drawing Slide - Projector View
Projector View
Free Response Slide - Participant View
Participant View
Free Response Slide - Projector View
Projector View
Multiple Choice Slide - Participant View
Participant View
Multiple Choice Slide - Projector View
Projector View

Teachers, lecturers, and trainers are doing some seriously amazing things with Pear Deck’s unique question types. See some examples of Inquiry-Based Learning in our sample question gallery.

Learn More About Inquiry-Based Learning with Pear Deck

Know What Your Learners Know, In Real-Time.

  1. Participant List Currently connected users and their responses for the current slide.
  2. Remote Control Switch slides, lock participant screens, share responses and more.
  3. Projector Preview Review and control whats on the big screen with the live preview.
  4. Impromptu Assessment Need a quick temperature check of participant understanding? Ask a quick question with any response type.
Session Dashboard
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
Instructors can load the presenter dashboard on their own device during a live session.

The combination of Social and Personalized Learning makes Pear Deck an incredibly effective learning tool in any learning situation.

Learn More About Individual + Social Learning with Pear Deck

But Don’t Take Our Word For It...

I am really enjoying using @PearDeck to present lessons. Spending the evening making an awesome science lesson for tomorrow.
Corey Coble
Dec 02, 2014
@PearDeck We are using it in my classroom today and it is so awesome and im a student and it is amazing you guys are so cool!!!
Aadi Smith
Dec 01, 2014
I engaged 115 of my students 2091 times this week with @PearDeck
Shawn Maison
Nov 23, 2014
Using @PearDeck is a great way to use active presentations in your Google Drive so every student can engage in the lesson! #unietd
Danielle Montgomery
Nov 12, 2014
@PearDeck is a fabulous interactive presentation tool that also checks for understanding. Thanks for your support @PataBrarian! @GPNHS
Kathryn C. Murray
Nov 11, 2014
Once again, I'm obsessed with @PearDeck seriously makes my few lectures in class more interactive and useful for me and students. #engchat
Sarah Mulhern Gross
Nov 04, 2014

... because hundreds of folks have amazing things to say about their experience using Pear Deck.

Affordable On Any Budget

Present interactive decks, then analyze participant learning data.
  • All Interactive Question Types
  • Review, Analyze, Export Session Data
  • Unlimited PDF / PowerPoint Imports
  • 50 Session Participants
$ 249 .99 /yr
or $29.99/mo
$ 99 .99 /yr
or $11.99/mo
Create interactive decks and present them live.
  • Basic Interactive Question Types
  • Unlimited Interactive Sessions
  • 5 Free Presentation Imports
  • 30 Session Participants
Bring your entire company, school, or district on board.
  • All Premium Features
  • Centralized Installation
  • Centralized Administration
  • Additional Payment Options
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