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I am really enjoying using @PearDeck to present lessons. Spending the evening making an awesome science lesson for tomorrow.
Corey Coble
Dec 02, 2014
@PearDeck We are using it in my classroom today and it is so awesome and im a student and it is amazing you guys are so cool!!!
Aadi Smith
Dec 01, 2014
I engaged 115 of my students 2091 times this week with @PearDeck
Shawn Maison
Nov 23, 2014
Using @PearDeck is a great way to use active presentations in your Google Drive so every student can engage in the lesson! #unietd
Danielle Montgomery
Nov 12, 2014
@PearDeck is a fabulous interactive presentation tool that also checks for understanding. Thanks for your support @PataBrarian! @GPNHS
Kathryn C. Murray
Nov 11, 2014
Once again, I'm obsessed with @PearDeck seriously makes my few lectures in class more interactive and useful for me and students. #engchat
Sarah Mulhern Gross
Nov 04, 2014

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