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Often we ask students to memorize vocabulary terms, but we know that memorization does not equal long-term retention. If we want those words to stick, we must introduce and reinforce them within a conceptual framework. Pear Deck’s Flashcard Factory was designed to help students build that framework. 

You can build, import, export, and share vocabulary lists with Flashcard Factory editor. Have a list of terms but need to find the definitions? Use the Merriam-Webster integration to look up definitions as you create your list. Want to share your list with another teacher? All your vocab lists are saved in Google Drive and can be easily shared.

After you’ve played Flashcard Factory with your class, remember to export your cards to Quizlet and give students the link so they can use their work to study! Learn more about Flashcard Factory or get started with one of our suggested lists.

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VOCABULARY LISTS: Words To Know By Grade Level


My students are obsessed with #FlashcardFactory! And their vocabulary quiz scores are proving it!
— Heather Walsh, Berkeley County School District, South Carolina

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