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Ideal for a small cohort of exceptional teachers looking to make an impact in their department or school.



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Is active learning a priority for your entire school or district? Get an instant quote and find out how affordable it is.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

For individual licenses or district-purchased licenses under $500, we accept online credit card payment and will email you a receipt.

For group purchases above $500, school-wide licenses, and district-wide licenses we accept online credit card payment as well as purchase orders.

Can I share accounts with a department?

No, each individual teacher will need their own account.

Can I get a copy of your W9?

Yes, access our W9 here: ​

Can you fill out special paperwork to register as a vendor in my district or state?

Yes, please reach out to ​ for processing.

What’s your upgrade policy?

For school or district purchases, we will apply any unused license term amount as a credit to the new upgrade purchase price.

Can I import lessons?

Yes! You can import PowerPoint and Google Slide files as well as PDFs. Each slide comes in as an image file, so the text will no longer be editable. However, you can turn the slides into interactive question slides or create new slides in between the imported ones. You can also import more than one file into a Pear Deck file if, for example, you would like to combine multiple lessons.

Will student answers be saved?

Of course! You can save a set of answers from your first period class, and then show the same presentation to your second period class and save their answers separately. Afterward, you can go back and review answers from each class period within the Pear Deck Dashboard interface. You can also export the answers to Google Sheets. Finally, you can automatically generate a Student Takeaway document for each student. The Google Doc will be shared between you and your students in Google Drive and will contain all presentation content as well as your students’ answers.

How many presentations can I make?

As many as you want - go for it!

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