Teaching Resolutions for 2019


The notion of a New Year’s resolution can feel incongruous in a profession like education where a “new year” starts in August or September, and January 1 marks but an informal midpoint.

When I was a teacher I rarely made New Year’s resolutions, and if I did they usually didn’t pertain to teaching as much as to a renewed determination to get to spin class twice a week. I realize now what a missed opportunity that was.

First of all, resolutions that address you, educator, as a whole person are vitally important to your professional success. Is it it reading more books this year? Finally making use of that gym membership? Spending less time on social media? Those may not be school-specific but they are all contributing to your overall well-being which inevitably affects your classroom environment.

Furthermore, New Year’s resolutions are a perfect time to reflect on first semester and adjust — maybe even reset — your course for the remainder of the year. If things are going well, ask yourself what’s contributing to your success? Can you do more of whatever that is? Or maybe the year isn’t quite what you’d imagined it could be. It’s not too late to course correct!

This month I asked our Pear Deck Certified Coaches to share their teaching resolutions for 2019. If you aren’t sure yet what your New Year’s resolution should be, take some inspiration from some of the most brilliant, innovative people I know.

Al Gonzalez


What is your teaching resolution for 2019? Tweet at us and hashtag #teachingresolutions for a chance to win a Pear Deck Surprise Pack! From all of us at Pear Deck, Happy New Year!

This week’s post was written by Pear Deck Teacher Advocate Risa Bennett.

Risa Fadenrecht