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Introducing Pear Deck Vocabulary and Flashcard Factory

Today, there are dozens of ways to make flashcards quickly and share them with your class. But we thought, ya know, there was some important learning in those humorous example sentences. What if we could find a way to infuse that humor and collaboration, into the whole endeavor? What if we could find a way to make studying vocabulary an Active, Social, Deeper learning experience?

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Combining Memorization With Critical Thinking

If you search for information on the pros and cons of memorization in learning, you’ll easily find a trove of vehement arguments at either end of the spectrum. That’s not altogether too surprising, as you can find articles to support almost any opinion.However, as with most things, there is a both/and. There is a grey area. The extremes are rarely the resting point of a good conclusion. Extremes help us challenge our own viewpoint or help us test the edges of a problem, but they are rarely the answer.

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