So You Fell In Love With Pear Deck This Conference Season...

Illustration by Kate Moore.

Illustration by Kate Moore.

The 2019 conference season has been one for the books. The Pear Deck team has had the honor of connecting with thousands of educators this winter. Across 10 states, six time zones and two continents, we’ve seen and heard about countless conference sessions that have featured Pear Deck in one way or another. Maybe you were lucky enough to be in attendance at one of these sessions. And maybe that’s where you fell in love with Pear Deck for the very first time!

But conference season is nearly over, your brain is full of new knowledge, and your trunk is full of swag. And now many of you are tasked with bringing back the highlights of your conference travels back to your team. Where do you even start?!

Step 0: Know Your Audience

With students and adult learners alike, it’s dangerous to assume that we know where everyone “is” on a particular skill or topic. No matter who I’m presenting to, I like to find out as quickly as possible how to pace my lesson. Begin by asking how familiar your audience is with Pear Deck. I like to use a slide like this:

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 12.57.38 PM.png

Step 1: Engage Immediately

Pear Deck is made for engagement! So resist any urges to bury the lede by subjecting your audience to a string of static slides before showcasing the engaging power of Pear Deck. It’s ok to start with an intro slide, but let the next one be something fun.  Try starting with a drawing or Draggable slide whenever possible.

Step 2: Model It

Every good teacher knows that modeling is an essential part of helping students learn. But don’t forget - this is true for adult learners too! Be sure to deliver your Pear Deck training using Pear Deck and highlighting its most dazzling features. Make it relevant for everyone in the room by using the different slide types to show examples that pertain to each grade level or subject area. After all, Pear Deck is great for engaging students of every age - K through college and beyond!

So what should you model?

Step 3: Emphasize the 3 Views

Next, Emphasize the power of the three views: Projector View, Student View, and Teacher View. When demonstrating the projector view, emphasize the anonymity of student answers, and take time to highlight the three response layouts: list view, grid view, and overlay.

As you demonstrate the student view, remind your audience that student responses flow to the teacher in real time rather than relying on a submit button.

Step 4: Highlight the Insights

Make especially sure to showcase the powerful insights and classroom management tools available through the Teacher Dashboard. Remind them that the dashboard is available two ways: either in a new tab, or on a secondary device - allowing them to remain mobile while remaining in control of the presentation. Next, highlight the ability to see each student’s name associated with their answer, as well as their ability to hide or highlight student answers before displaying them on the projector. Finally, walk through presenter controls, including the lock and timers, as well as “ask a new question.” Then, blow their minds with Student Takeaways and Student-Paced Mode.

Step 5: Make it Hands-On

Once you’ve introduced them to all the features, it’s time to show them just how easy it is to use Pear Deck themselves. After installing the add-on from the Google Chrome store, have every teacher open up an existing slide presentation in Google slides and have them add one or two interactive questions to a presentation they plan to use this week! For your techphobic teachers, encourage them to start small, by adding one of Pear Deck’s premade exit tickets to the end of their lesson.

When getting started is this simple, you’ll have everyone engaging their students with Pear Deck in no time!

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This week’s post was written by Teacher Advocate Risa Bennett.

Risa Fadenrecht