Pear Deck Supports EdCamps

Have you been to an EdCamp yet? Also referred to as an un-conference, EdCamps are free, organic, participant-driven events that let educators share best practices, tips and tools directly with each other! EdCamps are happening all over the world and chances are there’s one near you soon.

As educators, we LOVE the idea of teachers sharing their expertise this way. We’ve supported hundreds of EdCamps and other similar events since we started Pear Deck.


If you’re organizing an EdCamp, we can sponsor or support your event with great swag and prizes like certificates for Pear Deck Premium Access, T-shirts, totes, stickers and more!

Running a session at the event? Pear Deck Slides is an excellent platform for attendee engagement. We can share with you ways that other organizers and presenters have used Pear Deck.

If you’re organizing an EdCamp or similar event, let us know how we can help! Simply email to start the conversation.