Introducing a Fresh New Look for Home!

If you read our last blog post, then you know we’ve been working on a fun little spring surprise: a brand-new refresh of Pear Deck Home! We’re excited about this update and we think you will be, too. These changes will make it easier for new users to get started, use features, and find helpful resources. (It’s easier for the old pros, too!)

The new Home experience is live, so you’ll see it when you log into your Pear Deck account. Let’s take a little tour of what’s new together. You can watch this video, or read on below if you prefer (or be extra-informed and do both, you overachiever!).

Let's get started with the tour! 

The Home Screen

When you first log in, this is the screen you’ll see:


We’ve put the two most helpful actions right at the top: create a new Deck in Google Slides, or a new Vocabulary list for Flashcard Factory. If you’d rather edit an existing lesson, your recent files are displayed right below — or click on Open Drive to find a file you haven’t opened recently.

Looking for the old Pear Deck Editor? No fear, it’s still there! Look for the link under the Google Slides and Vocabulary buttons.


Below your recent files, you’ll find additional helpful content curated by our team. Look for premade Decks, watch fun videos, or read recent blog posts. We’ll update this content pretty often, so make sure to check back in to see new stuff!

Look Up! You’ve Got New Options!

As you’re navigating around Home you’ll want to check out the links at the top of the page. Home, Sessions, and Help are on the left and your Account Settings are accessible on the right.


Let’s start by checking out what’s behind Sessions.


Every time you present a Deck to your class, you can save your students’ responses as a Session. All those Sessions are listed here, starting with the most recent.


Select a Session, and you’ll see some options. From the buttons at the top, you can launch a new session, or edit the Deck. Below, you can review student responses by clicking the Dashboard icon, or expand the drop-down menu for a few more options including archiving a session, publishing Takeaways, or exporting answers to a spreadsheet.


You can find your recent files here, too! Now, let’s take a look at the Help section.


Help takes you to our Knowledge Base, the repository for all Pear Deck-related wisdom. If you need some help using Pear Deck, you’re in the right place! Search the Knowledge Base to find the answer to a specific question, or check out popular topics listed below.


If you can’t find the answer to your question, and you need some extra assistance, click Contact to open up a conversation with a helpful Customer Success team member.



Account Settings

Now, see the avatar up at the top right? That’s where you’ll find your account settings.


My Account

Right away, you can see whether you’re on an Essential or Premium plan. (This account has Premium, so they can use all of Pear Deck’s features — woohoo!)


When you click Settings, you can see your options to turn on enhancements and integrations. Using Google Classroom? Make sure you’ve enabled that integration. Want to know how your students are feeling? Classroom Climate takes a quick temperature check when students login to your Pear Deck Session. Make sure Takeaways is enabled so you can publish personalized docs for each student right to their Google Drive.


And that’s it! We’ll be sharing more tips and tricks for how to work with Pear Deck in the coming weeks. We hope you love the new Home — we’ve been working hard to make it easier for you to keep engaging every student, every day.

We’d love to hear your feedback, so if you want to share your thoughts, feel free to email us or find us on Twitter!