Flip Your Class with Pear Deck

The traditional classroom model is to impart information while you have students together in one place, then give them homework so they can practice what you’ve taught them. Flipping the classroom lets students take in that information at home and then use valuable together time to discuss, learn from peers, and get help from the teacher.

Pear Deck Student-Paced Mode makes it really easy to flip your classroom. You can embed your YouTube video lecture, or website research, and let students answer questions about it. When you are back together, you can go back through the Deck and use in-class time to discuss answers, point out exemplars, and examine common misconceptions.

Here’s how to give a Deck as Homework

  1. Create your Deck — You might want to create your Deck a little differently than normal. Think about what you want students to listen to, read, or research individually. You can use the Web Slide to embed sites to read or recorded lectures on YouTube. Then use the interactive slides to ask students followup questions.
  2. Start Presenting — When you are ready, hit “Start Presenting” as normal.
  3. Copy the Join Code — Make note of the Join Code.
  4. Turn on Student-Paced — Click the three-dot menu on the navigation bar, in the bottom right corner. Then choose “Turn on Student-Paced.”
  5. Leave the Session — From the three-dot menu you can now leave the Session without ending it. That way, you don’t have to keep your window open, but students can still move through the slides until you come back and explicitly “End” it.
  6. Give Students Their Assignment — When you email or post the assignment, tell students to go to peardeck.com/join as they normally would to join your presentation. Then give them the Join Code you copied down in step 3.

Now when students join the presentation, they can move through the slides at home and at their own pace.

Here’s how to Bring Everyone Back Together

When you come back together the next day, you can discuss as a group and work through the questions that tripped students up.

  1. Get Back into the Session — Click on your Deck from peardeck.com/home. When the Deck information appears, click on the Session you launched yesterday.
  2. Turn Off Student-Paced — You can now turn Student-Paced mode off in the same 3-dot menu. 
    You can have student join the presentation again or not. It’s up to you. If you are just sharing the answers from last night, no need. If you want them to be able to change answers, or if you want to be able to add Quick Questions for Teachable Moments, then you might want them to join. 
    If students have already logged back in, they will instantly be synced up to the slide you are on.
  3. Share Answers and Discuss — Now you can flip through the different questions and share the answers anonymously. This is a great time to focus on exemplars or common misconceptions.
  4. Split into Groups — Based on how students answered the homework questions, you might want to break them into different groups. You can have one Deck ready for students who are ready for more complex work, freeing you up to work with students who need more guidance.
  5. End and Publish — When you are done with class, remember to End the Session and publish your Student Takeaways so students have a reviewable notes Doc of all their work.

And that’s it! That’s how you can Flip your Classroom and make the most out of in-class time with Pear Deck Student-Paced. Enjoy!