Flash Update: Flashcard Factory


Often we ask students to memorize vocabulary terms, but we know that memorization does not equal long-term retention. If we want those words to stick, we must introduce and reinforce them within a conceptual framework. Pear Deck’s Flashcard Factory was designed to help students build that framework.

If you’ve tried Flashcard Factory before, everything in the game is exactly the same—but we’re making it even easier to build, import, export and share your vocabulary lists! 

Does your district have a PDF of terms to teach? Now you can copy and paste them right into the Flashcard Factory Editor. Do you have a list of terms but need to find the definitions? Use the Merriam-Webster integration to look up definitions as you create your list. Want to share your list with another teacher? All your vocab lists are saved in Google Drive and can be easily shared! 

See What’s New 


Build Your List 

  • It’s easier than ever to build a list of terms and definitions with our easy-to-use Import function. 

  • If you have terms without definitions, you can paste your terms right into the first open field in the Editor. Then add your own definitions or let Merriam-Webster provide the definitions with a single click. Voila! You’ve got an engaging activity in a snap! 

Edit & Organize Terms 

  • Once your terms have been imported, you can edit terms or definitions as needed. 

  • For long lists, organize terms using the A-Z sort function at the top of the Editor. 

  • Want to adjust the order of just one or two terms? Use the drag and drop controls on each term to change the order of words. Or the +/- buttons to add or delete a term. 

Share Your Lists 

  • Have you built a list you love and want to share? Use the export function to quickly Copy your terms and definitions then paste them into another document.

  • You can also share the Vocab file right from Google Drive. From the menu, Open File in Google Drive, then get the link to the file. 

Need help getting started? Check out our list of Words to Know with terms students from Kindergarten through 8th Grade should be familiar with.