A Few Education Blogs For Inspiration

Recommendations from Our Pear Deck Coaches & Coaches In Training

Educators’ days (and nights) are notoriously busy. I’m talking about the teachers who don’t take lunch breaks because they’re offering remediation to students who can’t stay late; or the elementary teachers who can’t squeeze in a bathroom break until mid-afternoon because they literally can’t take their eyes off the herd of 30 littles for fear or losing track of one (or five) of them. I’m talking about the high school principal who is also the director of transportation, whose day begins at 6 am and might not end until the last bus is parked after an away game at midnight.

With schedules that packed it can be tough to carve out time to catch up on all the latest tools and ideas that keep a teacher and her classroom up to date. Reading blogs is a great way to grab little nuggets of inspiration on the fly, but with oodles of options on the web, just deciding what to read is a task in itself. So, to help jumpstart your reading, I asked our Pear Deck certified coaches to share their favorite blogs. After skimming the descriptions, you may wish you had an hour, but don’t worry! You can soak up plenty of insight from any one of these blogs in five minutes or less!

I ❤️ Edu


Kris Armijo, one of our most recent additions to the coaches roster, says, “Meagan Kelly [author of i ❤️ edu] is a super-innovative secondary math teacher who shares beautiful HyperDocs, Breakouts, and other FABULOUS resources.” Although Meagan’s main content area is math, her blog has great content that can be implemented for all disciplines.

Jon Bergmann


When it comes to flipped learning, Jon Bergmann is one of the greats; and his goal is to simplify the methodology. Don’t we all need a little more simplicity in our lesson planning? I know you’re all nodding your heads right now. Check out his blog or, if you’re stuck in traffic, his accompanying podcast is great for all the latest on flipped learning.

Alice Keeler


Alice Keeler, a friend of Pear Deck, was proclaimed a must-read by almost every coach we queried. Alice writes about all things Google in education, and her most recent post, “EdTech is Not Scary: 5 Things to Start With,” proves just how accessible her content is whether you’re a self-proclaimed techie or a little more apprehensive about bringing new tech into your classroom.



Control-Alt-Achieve author, Eric Curts, is “transforming education with technology” with a heavy emphasis on Google tools. You can drop by the blog at your leisure or subscribe to his newsletter to stay up on his newest help guides and training videos. He also hosts weekly(ish) webinars.

Shake Up Learning


Kasey Bell’s Shake Up Learning blog was another fan favorite among the coaches. Shake Up Learning “provides teachers and educators with digital learning resource, tips and tricks, and classroom technology integration ideas. Here you will find great resources for Google apps, including guides and cheat sheets, mobile learning and apps, ipad tips, and social media tips for educators.”

Christine Pinto


Calling all primary teachers! Christine Pinto focuses on GAFE (Google Apps for Education) for Littles (namely primary-aged students). Effectively implementing tech for young ones can be tricky but Christine gives practical insights that can have a big impact.

Ditch That Textbook


Seconded by her coach colleagues, Laura Wheeler called this blog a “must not miss” on her reading list. And don’t be scared off by the name! Blog author, Matt Miller is simply striving “to equip teachers to thrive in this new era of education and think differently about the craft of teaching.” My favorite part of this blog is the “use it in class tomorrow” solutions he provides educators.

Catlin Tucker

http://catlintucker.com/ blended learning

Coach Steve Morris recommends Catlin Tucker as a definitive resource for blended learning. Catlin has written several books on blended learning but if you need quick tips on the go, her blog is an easily digestible alternative.

EdSurge Instruct


Coach Stacey Roshan reminds us of an old faithful: the Edsurge Instruct newsletter. Stacey gets the most out of the newsletter by clicking on all the links “to learn more about the authors and check out their Twitter or blog if available.”

Check these out for yourself and tweet at me (@RisaPearDeck) with more of your favorite education blogs!