Coming Soon: A Little “Home” Improvement

We’re giving our Home a fresh new look!

Next week, when you log into, your Home page is going to have a brand new look and feel. Think of it as a fresh coat of paint and a little feng shui for your overall Pear Deck experience!

We’ve made it super-easy to launch a new presentation with the add-on for Google Slides or a new vocabulary list with Flashcard Factory. That means bigger buttons and fewer clicks to get where you need to go, and a more simple interface for your friends who are trying out Pear Deck for the very first time.

We’re also giving you one-click access to handy resources like the Pear Deck blog and Orchard decks, as well as linking you straight to the Pear Deck Knowledge Base where you can watch a quick tutorial or contact Pear Deck support.

We know teachers are a busy bunch, so these improvements are designed to help you work faster and navigate Pear Deck with greater ease — all so you can get into class and do what you do best! We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.

Stay tuned!