Alyssa Davidson and Joyful School Culture

Featured Teacher

To continue our celebration leading up to National Teacher Appreciation Week, we’re highlighting Pear Deck Certified Coach and Passionate Earth Science teacher Alyssa Davidson. In Alyssa’s teacher-centered blog, aptly named MrsGeology, resources and support are provided to teachers so they can find ways to make teaching rewarding, joyful, and viable. Davidson’s ultimate goal in her blogging is to see all teachers thriving on the day-to-day work of teaching instead of mired in stress and survival mode.

How Teachers Lunch: Shake Up Your Routine

One topic she tackles is how habits reflect school culture. In her experience, “a staff that eats together is more likely to plan and reflect together as well as enjoy each other’s company on a daily basis.” I’m so impressed by Alyssa and her team for intentionally creating a joyful workplace. An educator’s day can be so full that the idea of adding in one more thing can seem overwhelming, but making time to commune and confer with each other can be the most rejuvenating PD.

Some small steps Alyssa recommends are having lunch delivered, coercing your department into eating together, starting small by cooking for your PLC, or cooking for your department in pairs. For more details into these steps, tips, and wonderful lunch ideas, read the full post here.

Constructing Vocabulary

Another post of Alyssa’s I love is around how to integrate vocabulary instruction into a lesson instead of tacking it on the side. Is this post, Alyssa provides several example questions demonstrating how to get students constructing definitions on their own to deepen their understanding of each term. Like this:



More about Alyssa:

Alyssa is both an exemplary 9th grade teacher in beautiful Colorado and insightful blogger. To connect with Alyssa, follow her on twitter, @mrsgeology or contact through the MrsGeology blog.