3 Tips for a Fruitful Transition to Summer

  1. Take a day to yourself — 
    No kids, no friends, no summer chores. Just you.
  2. Spend part of that day in silence — 
    No news, no music, no movies.
    Bring water, a snack, and a notebook.
    Find a peaceful place to spend a couple hours. This should be a place where you won’t be interrupted or easily distracted by passing people. 
    Close your eyes and take deep breaths. Let the business of the year start to fade away… Let your mind wander. If you find it narrowing in on something for too long, just let the thought go or watch the clouds. 
    I recommend doing this silent, aimless wandering for an hour.
  3. Write down your reflections -
    Write down your thoughts from the year. What did you like? What don’t you want to do next year? What do you want to remember when another year begins in August?
    Get these thoughts on paper now before you forget.

Now you are ready to really begin your vacation. You can fully let go of your thoughts from the year and know that you will be able to read back through your notes for the important takeaways. It’s so tempting to rush straight into summer and avoid thinking about school for a while. By taking a day of calm and quiet, I wager you’ll get much more out of the rest of your vacation and be less hectic when the year ramps up again in the fall.