Listen Up: Peary's Favorite Edu Podcasts

Illustration by Kate Moore

Illustration by Kate Moore

What if you could blend an hour-long professional development session into your commute, gym time, or dog-walking? Good news: with education podcasts, you can! Some of our favorite hosts are education experts with years of experience in and outside of the classroom. They give us an opportunity to listen to things that are currently happening in education and introduce us to special guests—knowledge leaders in their space. If you’re looking for a new perspective on teaching, that might be just the inspiration you need. So as the summer starts winding down, here’s a round-up of three great podcasts to listen to on your weekend road trip or long walk.

Cult of Pedagogy*

A podcast for people obsessed with education who want to finish each episode feeling empowered

Jennifer Gonzalez, a former middle-school language arts teacher, is the host of this approachable and engaging podcast. Half of her episodes feature conversations with educators, administrators, and parents, and in the other half she flies solo to give her an opportunity to share her experiences and discoveries from her time in the classroom. Jennifer covers topics like teaching strategies, classroom management, and education technology. As a bonus, the website and show artwork are beautiful, and her episodes feature amazing show notes with full recaps and links to sources. If you can’t get enough after listening, be sure to also check out her blog and YouTube channel.

We love these two episodes: Let’s Give our Teaching Language a Makeover; Get Students Talking with Ongoing Conversations

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Google Teacher Tribe

Join Matt Miller and Kasey Bell weekly to geek out over all things Google

Google Teacher Tribe describes themselves as a podcast that provides practical ideas for Google tools. Co-hosted by two Google-certified innovators and educators, Kasey Bell and Matt Miller, each episode helps you work through everyday tasks in more productive ways. With an inside scoop on Google, Matt and Kasey offer regular updates on software improvements and new tools for the edtech community. They wrap most episodes by answering a few questions from the audience in a segment called “Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag.” So if you’ve been stuck on a G Suite issue, you know who to call (or write, anyway)! 

Start by listening to these: Ctrl+Shift+T and Other Class Management Tips; Transforming your Classroom with Mike Mohammed

Educational Duct Tape

Learn why technology should be a facilitator of learning, not the center of it

Jake Miller is a Middle School Technology Integration Specialist whose enthusiasm for EdTech is contagious. His new podcast, launched in January 2019, is focused on his belief that technology should be a vehicle to solve problems, meet learning standards, or achieve a classroom goal—rather than be the goal itself. Like its namesake tape, his podcast aims to solve many different types of problems in the classroom. His reviews and discussions cover tech tools and pedagogical theory behind them. Also, if you like game shows, Jake’s your guy: to get to know his guests, he plays word games with them! 

A couple of our favorite guests: John Sowash, Corey Mathias 

Need even more inspiration? Check out these other favorites: 

EdTech Take Out


Partial Credit

Sons of Technology

The Ed Tech Podcast

The House of Ed Tech Podcast

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Claire Myers