Pear Profiles: Ryan Jolivette

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Ryan Jolivette

Seventh Grade World History Teacher

Fountain Middle School

Fountain, Colorado

Number of Years in Education: 2

Being a student in middle school is hard, but positive influences can make a life-long impact on preteens. Ryan Jolivette became a teacher because he believed that he could do more than just teach content: he could make a positive impact on the lives of his students.

Two years into his teaching career, Ryan is passionate to make his mission of changing students’ lives for the better a lifelong commitment. At Fountain Middle School, this Inspearational Educator is engaging students and making a difference. Ryan shares how and why in this #PearProfile.

You’re a relatively new teacher. Why did you decide to become a teacher?

I became a teacher for many reasons, but the most important reason is my love for people and the impact teachers have. I believe we are called to love one another, and I think teaching gives a great opportunity to impact others through love. If a student only learns random facts in my classroom and not how to be a positive citizen and young adult, then I believe I failed as a teacher.

What’s the best part of teaching middle schoolers?

I get to laugh every day! And this content is new to my students, so seeing amazement on students faces’ is great as well.

Ryan Jolivette

Why is it important to give your students’ a voice?

Some students, especially at the middle school level, don’t know their voice or have confidence in it. They don’t know that their perspective matters. As a teacher, I want to help them find their voice and mold it, so they can make an impact with in their families, communities and life. Once a student can share their voice or opinion, then they can make positive changes and impact others.

How does Pear Deck positively impact your students’ learning?

Pear Deck has a ton of positives for my students, but the biggest one I notice is the involvement level is almost always at 100. I have yet to find an activity for a review or introduction that engages students as much as using Pear Deck’s Slides or Flash Card Factory. A teacher can help impact a student’s learning so much more when involvement and engagement is high. Pear Deck helps to get my students involved, and it is making an impact. Also, my students just love the little Pear guy!

When you’re not at school, what do you enjoy doing?

I love doing something outside in Colorado with my beautiful Johanna, who is also a teacher.

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Ryan Jolivette