Pear Profiles: Alyssa Davdison

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Alyssa Davidson

Ninth Grade Earth Science and Intervention Teacher

Ralston Valley High School

Arvada, Colorado

Number of Years in Education: 9

Alyssa Davidson had the way she thought about learning turned upside down when she was a junior in high school. Her eleventh grade International Baccalaureate English teacher, Chris Passudetti, asked her to look at a text critically. With his questions, Alyssa discovered a new way to think -- instead of just searching for an answer she thought her teacher was hoping to hear. She stopped “doing school” and started really learning for the first time.

Ever since, Davidson has loved learning and teaching. She now serves both her students as an Earth Science and Intervention teacher, and fellow educators as a Pear Deck Certified Coach, between blog posts she writes for her blog, MrsGeology. Alyssa shares her passion for education and amplifying students’ voices in this #PearProfile.

What’s the best part of teaching Earth Science?

The best part of teaching is the kids; I love getting to know them and learn from them. In Earth Science, I particularly love building critical science skills like scientific writing, data analysis and graphing that benefit students throughout high school. I also love when students recognize how interconnected Earth’s systems are and how we interact with and impact the Earth.

Why is it important to give students a voice in their learning?

I think it’s important to recognize and amplify student voice. I have never “given” a child a voice. Each child already has their own unique and powerful voice, and I simply provide space for students to grow and develop their own voice. When students recognize the power of their voice, they more intuitively take control of their learning inside and outside the classroom.


What’s the biggest challenge of being a teacher? How do you overcome it?

The mental and emotional toll of teaching is my biggest personal challenge. I’m grateful to have colleagues who I trust and rely on to collaborate on lesson planning and help me tackle challenges in the classroom. I also try to prioritize time to recharge so that I can be at my best for my students and my own family. 

How does Pear Deck positively impact your students’ learning?

Pear Deck has made it easier for me to see student learning on an individual level during each class, rather than reviewing data at a later time. From quickly finding out who is having a bad day, to recognizing and revising misconceptions, to showcasing quality responses to build capacity, my students know that I see them and will provide them with feedback to support their understanding.

When you’re not at school, what do you enjoy doing?

I love learning! I am currently in the final semester of my master’s in culturally and linguistically diverse education at Regis University. I also enjoy reading for pleasure; I just finished Dare to Lead by Brene Brown, which I would recommend to any teacher or administrator. I also love to be outdoors by walking, hiking and finding new rock formations to explore with my husband.

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