A Peartember to Remember

Illustration by Kate Moore.

Illustration by Kate Moore.

With September 30 just around the corner, it’s almost time to bid “pearwell” to our favorite month of the year. And while we’re sad to say goodbye to Peartember, we are heading into October energized by the enthusiasm and passion we’ve felt this month! 

It’s fair to say that Peartember 2019 was a record-breaking month for powerful learning moments—more than 25 million moments of engagement happened (so far!) thanks to you! We’re in awe when we think about the impact this community is creating for students everywhere. And in just one month!

So, as the chapter closes on an incredible Peartember, let’s reflect on some of the moments that made it monumental:


Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Nothing makes us happier than seeing the smiling faces of teachers and students! When we asked you to share back-to-school photos, you delivered. We felt like we were right there on the first day with you!


Pear Deck Teaching Truths

This Peartember, we introduced the Pear Deck Teaching Truths, a set of principles that we designed to guide educators in creating powerful learning moments and positive school culture. These values are near and dear to our hearts and we’re excited to work with you all to bring them to life in classrooms. Get to know each tenet of T.E.A.C.H. here!



Peartember is about celebrating educators, showing our appreciation for your hard work, and basking in the excitement of the new year ahead. Each day of Peartember brought a different giveaway, from cookies and coffee kits to Pear Deck Premium subscriptions. We had fun spreading the love and cheer, and hope you had fun participating, too!


Peartember Pro

Three cheers for our Peartember Pros! Kudos to all our teachers who earned our newest badge by presenting with Pear Deck at least 5 times this month. If you haven’t opted-in for entry into our grand prize giveaway, there are a few days left to enter and qualify! Enter here!


Powerful Pear Deck Stories

We are so moved when we get to hear about the powerful moments of learning and connection (big or small!) that Pear Deck helps you create in your classrooms. We’re thankful to all who took time to share their stories — you inspire our work each day!

Thank you to everyone who took part in our month-long, Pear-themed celebration. We are so grateful to be a part of your classrooms and looking forward to the incredible year ahead!

This week's blog post was written by Communications Manager Emily Ciccariello.

Emily Ciccariello