New Math Templates with Stacey Roshan

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One of the things Pear Deck does, and does really well, is help you think about how to frame different questions — and provide you the tools to be able to do that and have great discussion as a class.  — Stacey Roshan

One of the things we strive to do with our slide templates is to make it easy for teachers to ask great questions that help spark discussion, critical thinking, and inquiry. When we noticed that one of the top searches on our site is the term math, we thought “Clearly, we need to make some templates for math teachers!” And that’s just what we did. We’ve invited Pear Deck Coach and math teacher extraordinaire, Stacey Roshan to introduce the templates and share some examples of how they can be used to engage students in graphing and calculating as well as mathematical and critical thinking. Stacey created a video that gives you an overview of the templates and suggestions for how to use them in class.


0:27 — Which of these doesn’t belong
2:19 — Showing Work and Discussing Different Approaches
3:45 — Geometry
4:13 — Graphing
5:17 — Verbalizing Reasoning
5:45 — Desmos Calculator Embed
6:41 — Number Slide

There are some edtech tools that help you take a lesson and make it stronger and better than would have been possible without that tool. And then there are tools that not only do that, but also push you to be a better teacher in the process. Pear Deck is one of those tools. — Stacey Roshan

Preview and download the all new Pear Deck Math Templates here!

Enjoy and happy teaching!

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